• Blue Ice lite

    A crisp, simple ice blue theme.
    115 gebruikers
  • Bluetacular

    Professional Style Extension.
    722 gebruikers
  • Brisk

    Version 1 of Brisk
    1.002 gebruikers
  • Camifox

    Camifox is elegant, crisp, and colorful. It’s a thoughtful and sophisticated reimagination and realization of a better “default”-like theme for Firefox, in living color on all platforms, inspired by the appearance of the excellent Camino browser.
    3.394 gebruikers
  • Camiglass

    Squares of white glass.
    58 gebruikers
  • Chromifox Basic

    Note from Mozilla: This add-on has been discontinued. Try FXChrome instead.

    Chromifox Basic is a coat of chrome for Firefox.
    13.481 gebruikers
  • Chromifox Extreme

    An Extreme coat of Chrome for Firefox. SEE below for more info.

    4.039 gebruikers
  • Chromifox Extreme Blade

    Chromifox Extreme BLADE is a Crimson and Black coat of Chrome for Firefox 3.5.
    191 gebruikers
  • Chromifox Extreme Carbon

    A coat of Carbon for Chromifox Extreme. Chromifox Carbon is a dark gray colored theme of Chromifox Extreme.

    1.679 gebruikers
  • Chromifox Extreme Green

    A Green and black coat of Chrome for Firefox. Chromifox is a dark and deep green theme for Firefox on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, inspired by the appearance of the Google Chrome browser. This theme is a fork of Chromifox Extreme Blade by Triton
    624 gebruikers
  • Classic Compact

    Een erg strak en compact thema met klassieke pijl knoppen dat de door menu-, werk-, zoek- en statusbalk ingenomen ruimte beperkt, zonder de bruikbaarheid te verminderen. Ondersteunt Windows, Mac en Linux.
    156.715 gebruikers
  • Concave Alloy Fusion - Black

    A concaved black alloy,with nice red easy read icons. Overall, a nice fusion of red and black.

    If response to this is well received, I have versions in other colors.

    NOTE: I HAVE FIXED THE MULTIPLE ARROW ISSUE (Mentioned below in some reviews) WI...
    65 gebruikers
  • CrApple

    CrApple based on the beautiful GrApple themes and ported to Firefox 4 & up.
    531 gebruikers
  • Crystal Alloy Fusion - Blue

    A blue metal background with illuminated red buttons and accents. The colors go very well together, and the effect is an overall darker them with nice illuminating light effects.

    NOTE: I have fixed the multiple arrow issue some users were experienc...
    59 gebruikers
  • Crystalyx fr-FR

    Thème basé sur les icones Crystal d'Everaldo (http://www.everaldo.com/).


    FOR EN-US VERSION : https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/13027
    125 gebruikers
  • Dark Orange Fox

    Dark theme for Firefox 4 - 21

    Homepage http://web-goodies.net/firefox/
    Web Tuts http://web-goodies.net/

    If you like the theme please consider making a small contribution by clicking the blue contribute button below!
    13.288 gebruikers