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Adblock Edge door adstomper

Waardering 5 van 5 sterren 258 beoordelingen

831.815 gebruikers

Adblock Edge is a fork of the Adblock Plus version 2.1.2 extension for blocking advertisements on the web, without sponsored ads whitelist.

**This addon will be discontinued on June 2015**

Youtube to MP3 Converter - High Quality MP3 it door MP3IT

Waardering 2 van 5 sterren 30 beoordelingen

48.593 gebruikers

Youtube to MP3 Converter which places an "MP3 it" Button on Youtube Video Pages.

With Just One Click, A New Tab Loads without Disruption of your viewing Experience Where you can Downloaded your Converted 256k MP3 File.

Capture & Print door Diego Casorran

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Waardering 5 van 5 sterren 44 beoordelingen

54.073 gebruikers

This add-on lets you print a webpage's area easily.

about:addons-memory door Nils Maier

Adds an about:addons-memory page that details add-on memory usage

Puzzle door Leszek Życzkowski

Waardering 5 van 5 sterren 37 beoordelingen

12.041 gebruikers

Voegt een onderdeel ‘Puzzel’ toe aan het contextmenu. U kunt de afbeelding opdelen en met de puzzel spelen.

Add to Search Bar door Dr. Evil

Waardering 5 van 5 sterren 588 beoordelingen

100.288 gebruikers

Make any pages' search functionality available in the Search Bar (or "search box")...

Integrated Inbox for Gmail and Google Apps door MichaelAtUVa, LEVEL4, overigen

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Waardering 5 van 5 sterren 263 beoordelingen

22.193 gebruikers

Tired of having multiple tabs open just to view your favorite Google services and other Apps like Feedly, Evernote, Twitter and more? Now you can see them right from your Gmail Inbox.

Install now or visit www.integratedinbox.com for more info.

Shareaholic | share with Google, Facebook and more door The Shareaholic Team

Waardering 4 van 5 sterren 256 beoordelingen

17.398 gebruikers

Shareaholic is the easiest way to share & bookmark great content from anywhere on the web from one simple ALL-IN-ONE add-on. Works with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn, E-mail and 200+ additional services.

Search by Image for Google door John Muir

Waardering 4 van 5 sterren 109 beoordelingen

39.447 gebruikers

Google Search by Image:

Use rightclick on an image to quickly find out the source of an image, how it is used, or find higher resolution versions via Google Reverse Image search.
(Google Image Search is similar to Tineye Reverse image search).

Simple Site Blocker door Jeff Yan

Waardering 3 van 5 sterren 9 beoordelingen

22.991 gebruikers

A simple site blocker with whitelist features.

Add-ons Manager Context Menu door Zulkarnain K.

Waardering 5 van 5 sterren 27 beoordelingen

11.299 gebruikers

Add more items to Add-ons Manager context menu.

Cache Status door Jason Purdy, Andy Portmen

Waardering 4 van 5 sterren 108 beoordelingen

24.508 gebruikers

Easy cache status & management from status...

Toggle animated GIFs door Simon Lindholm

Start/stop GIF animations through a keyboard shortcut or by clicking them. You can also restart animations from the beginning, or disable animations by default.

Smart Refresh Button door Taha Jahangir

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Waardering 3 van 5 sterren 4 beoordelingen

911 gebruikers

Adds a toolbar button for re-render the page (without triggering cache reload).

Location Bar Enhancer door Girish Sharma

Waardering 5 van 5 sterren 151 beoordelingen

25.603 gebruikers

Changes the Location Bar of Firefox into a Breadcrumb display with rich and interactive features.
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