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  • Es muy util para cambiar los enlaces a los archivos de zotero, cuando se cambian de carpeta o de unidad de disco.

  • Used it to change the file paths of a huge number of attachments all at once. Will pobably use it to add tags to items later on too. Great addon.

  • Exactly what I needed! Thanks so much!

    I use it to add tags to multiple items and to copy all tags of specific category or relating items each other just with a right click. It is just incredibly wonderful, it save so much time.

    And Will (the guy who made it) still manage to improve it.

    Just awesome thanks will for your amazing work, and your precious time!

  • Great add-on if you do batch processing (apply tags, relate items...)!

    In this version of Zutilo, the bug with the context menu (when Zotero is in a separate tab), is fixed.

  • The Zutilo menu does not show up when using Zotero in a separate tab, but it does show up when Zotero is in a browser pane. It took me some time to find out, as I usually have Zotero in a separate tab. I'm using Firefox 22.0 for Linux. My first use of Zutilo was to copy and paste item tags. Very useful! Thank you!

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    I am aware of the problem with the context menu in the separate tab. You can read a little more about it and how to work around it here (scroll towards the end): https://github.com/willsALMANJ/Zutilo/issues/3. Unfortunately, I have been very busy with other things for last couple of weeks, so I have not yet been able to patch the bug. I am really hoping to get to it within the next week. That GitHub page will be updated when the bug is fixed.

  • Great -- a bit advanced to use, but lets you add some terrific and much-needed keyboard shortcuts to Zotero with the addition of keyconfig. Be sure to read the whole add-on documentation closely.I agree with YK that much of this add-on's functionality would be a great permanent addition to Zotero.

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    Thanks for the review, Amanda. Since you've already jumped through the hoops of setting up Keyconfig, this isn't too relevant for you, but I have been working on adding a preference pane similar to Keyconfig to Zutilo, so that all of the shortcuts suggested in the documentation can be set without using Keyconfig. I hope to finish that soon, though it may take a while to show up on addons.mozilla.org.

  • Shortcut functionality is so useful -- must be a default part of the Zotero!

  • I'm using only the keyboard shortcut functions of Zutilo together with keyconfig - I hope many (or at least some) of them get roled into Zotero, but until then this is very useful for a more ergonomical/efficient workflow. Thanks!

  • I have been happily using Zutilo since its developmental versions and I am happy to see it made its way through the Firefox AMO, congratulations! Zutilo brings much needed utilities to Zotero, as it allows copying tags&creators information and especially relating items in a heartbeat. The ability to modify attachment paths could be a lifesaver when needed. One wish: would it be possible have an option to keep existing item relations when relating items with Zutilo? That would be much appreciated, as currently Zutilo replaces existing relations with the new ones. Kudos for all the hard work.
    ::Re: I have updated and tested Zutilo and the existing relations are kept now. Thank you for the fastest bug fix I have ever experienced in my personal app-test history:))

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    The removal of existing item relations was a bug that I was not aware of. I have uploaded a fixed version now (it's waiting for review but you can download it now if you go click on "View other versions" below the download button). I am excited to have the plugin on AMO, so that other users can get automatic updates when new features are added.