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  • Unfortunately the developent stopped in 2013 http://www.zindus.com/blog/2013/07/10/zindus-end-of-life/ and now Zindus doesn't work anymore.
  • es lässt sich kein Sync-Konto mehr eingeben :-((
  • It does not work at all because it is not updated any more.
    How about using add-on of "Google Contacts"?
  • ZINDUS è KO NON FUNZIONA PIU' da qualche anno ma risulta ancora come COMPONENTE CONSIGLIATO nessuno di Mozilla interviene per rimuoverlo o quantomeno "declassarlo".
    In sostituzione ho da poco installato "gContactSync" e lo sto verificando.
  • Ne fonctionne pas sur Thunderbird 24.4.0.
    Serait il possible de savoir avec quelle version il est susceptible de fonctionner ?

    It doesn't work with thunderbird 24.4.0
  • Correction:

    Sogo connector almost works... Only the last EMAIL entry gets synced to the thunderbird address book:


    I'm waiting for this bug to be resolved before I upgrade Thunderbird. For now I'm sticking with Thunderbird 17.0.11 ESR that works with Zindus until this bug is resolved
  • Good bye, Zindus! :~(
  • It doesn't work on Thunderbird 24.1.0
  • Too bad for an application so beautiful... doesn't work on Thunderbird 24.1.0
  • It doesn't work on Thunderbird 24.1.0
  • Very good plugin ... when it works well.
  • Please note: Will not be updated anymore.
  • Great application!
    Please fix it for the Thunderbird 24.
  • i love it... but ....
    don't work with TB 24.0
  • This is the better application for import Google contacts.

    But You have to make us a miracle:
    Please, make an application for import contact from Google to Firefox OS or from Thunderbird to Firefox OS.
    The APP now exists can't import correctly phone numbers.

    There is no APP to make this. This develop can help Forefox grow up!

    Thank you!!
  • Nice addon, I love it, but "zindus end of life". No more update... :-(
  • works well
  • I got this error message :
    Échec de synchronisation :

    Vérifiez votre adresse électronique et votre mot de passe en vous connectant via votre navigateur. Veuillez également vérifier vos paramètres de proxy Thunderbird.

    Code d'état HTTP : 404

    and of corse the login and URL and pasword are good !
  • I like this programm there is no better...but
    Since installing thunderbird update 17.0.07 I cannot syncronice my contacts. Will there a Zindus update to solve the Problem? Thanks
  • I'm pretty happy with this extension that is doing what it should do (i.e. sync Thunderbird contacts with my zimbra email account). But its behavior in Thunderbird 16 then 17 is pretty uncertain and painful:

    I rename one of my address books from "Foo Bar" to "Foo" (so 2 words -> 1 word) then suddenly (without any reboot from Thunderbird or so), this address book went nearly empty. No matter what I tried (mostly on the mab files), there was no way to restore it except re-import it through a CSV file.
    The first time, it was ok. The second time it did it, I had no backup...

    From now I treat this extension like a wild beast that can from time to time make some trouble.
    Schulgy, if you file a bug report with a logfile I can look into what is going on. There aren't any known bugs around renaming addressbooks. Also to confirm that you are talking about yourname@gmail.com/foo addressbooks? The addon wouldn't touch an addressbook named "foo".
  • In my experience better than Google Contacts. In a fresh install was downloading 163 out of 667 Contacts, while Zindus worked perfectly.
    I would like to see postal address sync fully supported.
  • Funktioniert ganz gut, wenn man keine neuen Kontakte in Thunderbird anlegt, sondern direkt bei Google. Beim Abgleich hatte ich bisher immer Duplikate bekommen, daher inzwischen für mich unbrauchbar geworden für die Neueingabe von Kontakten.
    ballOOnhead, there are no known bugs around slow sync.

    This is how slow sync works: http://zindus.com/i/slow-sync

    If you feel that you are experiencing a bug, please file a bug report: http://zindus.com/i/reporting-bugs
  • There is a bug: The extension seems not to see contacts that have been added to a mailing list in the adress book window. It then removes them from Google Contacts. I had to delete the mailing lists, to get working sync again
    The addon doesn't support thunderbird mailing lists.
    It supports google groups instead.

  • I've got an error when testing @gmail "Code d'état HTTP : 403". I'v'nt any proxy and my @ and pswd are fine.