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Versie 3.9.2 88.1 kB Werkt met Firefox 21.0 en hoger

Versie 3.9.1 88.2 kB Werkt met Firefox 21.0 en hoger

  • Grooveshark: Show Lyrics Here button when lyrics are disabled by default (bugfix).
  • Updated (replaced with Google)
  • Updated (bugfix: invert logic of previous update)
  • Updated (recognize movie lyrics)

For a full list of changes, see

Versie 3.9 88.2 kB Werkt met Firefox 21.0 en hoger

  • Added support for
  • Added support for (Xbox Music)
  • Added support for Google Music (aka Google Play Music)
  • Deezer: Show scroll bars in content wrapper if needed.
  • Deezer: Dock lyrics if panel is within 30px from the right (instead of 50px).
  • Updated (source format changed)
  • Updated (source format changed)
  • New Lyrics sources:
  • Updated parser of Bing's results (treat & as &).
  • Options page: Hide advanced controls by default (they will be shown when the pointer is in the box).
  • Options page: Put header before site-specific preferences, and link to it at #config.

Versie 3.8 85.3 kB Werkt met Firefox 21.0 en hoger

  • Add support for
  • Add support for
  • Fix position of Lyrics navigation bar to the top of the panel.
  • Bugfix: Correctly reset the state of the search engine when you navigate to a different YouTube video.
  • New Lyrics sources:
    • Malaysian / Indonesian / Nasyid lyrics:
  • Fix fallback detection of artist + song name on YouTube after navigating from a channel to a video.
  • Use instead of for better search results.
  • Update source definition.
  • Detect change of YouTube video when you re-activate YouTube (previously, a transition to a different video was not detected when the tab was inactive).

    Versie 3.7.1 83.4 kB Werkt met Firefox 21.0 en hoger

    New in version 3.7.1:

    • Changed YouTube video title detection method (fallback), to deal with the wrongly
      reported title caused by YePpHa's "YouTube Center" script.
    • Chrome: Close permission request dialog when the request is cancelled (Chrome 28-).
    • Recognize video metadata on YouTube in the Latvian and Slovenian languages.
    • Format special search characters (such as " and -) before using a search term in a search query.
    • New Lyrics sources:
    • Code-signed extension: from now on, you will see "(Rob Wu)" instead of "(Author not verified)" at the install dialog.
    • Firefox: Updated Addon-SDK. The extension file is much smaller, but not compatible with Firefox 20- any more.

    For a full list of changes, see

    Versie 240.8 kB Werkt met Firefox 13.0 en hoger

    • Renamed all extensions from "YouTube Lyrics by Rob W" to "Lyrics Here by Rob W"
    • Changed all extension icons to "Lyrics Here"
    • Updated parser of Bing's result for iPhone/iPad user agents.
    • Updated (source format changed)
    • Updated (source format changed)
    • Updated (source format changed)
    • Updated (recognize OST)
    • Extended LyricsSource with new properties for common source formats.
    • New Lyrics sources:
    • New Lyrics source type:
    • Added parsers for search engines:
    • Options page: Description of source sticks to the top when scrolled down.
    • Options page: Remove save button (changes will be saved immediately).
    • Added support for
    • Additions to lyrics panel:
      • Highlight line on click to make it easier to keep up with the song.
      • Search within lyrics. This search box can be activated by double-clicking on the lyrics.
      • Updated a few colors in the dark theme.
      • Increased z-index to avoid being hidden by YouTube's top bar ("masthead-positioner").

    For a full list of changes, see

    Versie 3.6.3 231.1 kB Werkt met Firefox 13.0 en hoger

    - Fixed behavior of toggle panel icon
    - Updated parsers of, and
    - Moved in-page lyric button on Grooveshark to the top bar.
    - Enable addon for private browsing mode.

    Full change log:

    Versie 3.6.1 230.7 kB Werkt met Firefox 13.0 en hoger

    - Show real search query when lyrics are not found (on YouTube)
    - Support YouTube's pushState-based navigation.

    Versie 3.6 230.5 kB Werkt met Firefox 13.0 en hoger

    Show lyrics on

    For the full list of changes, see

    Versie 3.5.2 230.1 kB Werkt met Firefox 13.0 en hoger

    - New Lyrics sources:
    - French lyrics:
    - Updated source:
    - ( ->
    - (handle inter-wiki redirects)
    - Added new per-site preference: Font size
    - Moved from to
    - Fixed error on options page that prevented the Spotify setting from being accessible.
    - Fixed bug: Don't break the buttons within the lyrics panel when all search queries fail.

    Versie 3.5.1 229.2 kB Werkt met Firefox 13.0 en hoger

    3 new Lyrics sources:
    - Hebrew (
    - Spanish (
    - Italian (

    Improved sources:

    - Support display of RTL lyrics
    - Added "Edit sources" below "Try Google" when lyrics are not found
    - Theme support for Spotify
    - Recognition of the "YouTube One" channel format

    Versie 3.5.0 227.3 kB Werkt met Firefox 13.0 en hoger

    - Spotify Web Player is now supported !
    - Preferences:
    * [New]: Completely disable add-on for the supported sites (YouTube, Grooveshark, Spotify)
    * Lay-out: Per-site preferences in clear boxes.
    * Removed "Remember positions" preference.
    - Two new sources (Metal lyrics):
    - Bugfix: Correctly render Right-to-left languages.
    - Improved auto-resize behaviour of the Lyrics panel

    Full change log:

    Versie 3.4.5 221.7 kB Werkt met Firefox 13.0 en hoger

    - Improved icons.
    - Options: Removed confirmation dialog when choosing to disable panel by default.
    - Bugfix: Do not remove last lyrics line.
    - Bugfix: Show Lyrics on YouTube channels.
    - Bugfix: Allow enabling sources which were disabled by default.
    - Support for touch devices

    Versie 3.4.4 218.0 kB Werkt met Firefox 13.0 en hoger

    * Added theme support!
    The first theme is the "Dark theme", especially useful when you're watching videos at night. The extension (by default) automatically detects whether the current page is dark (by user styles such as 'Black YouTube by Panos'), and changes accordingly. You can override this setting at the options page.

    * Added 2 new lyrics sources:
    - (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and others)
    - (German and others)

    * Added tools and descriptions to help you to choose the best lyrics sources for your needs.

    * Updated position/dimension saving feature: Positions and dimensions are saved separately.

    Full change log:

    Versie 3.4.3 215.0 kB Werkt met Firefox 13.0 en hoger

    - Improved artist & song detecting algorithm
    - Added new guide (screenshots).
    - Added two Portuguese (Brazilian) sources (disabled by default, visit the options page to enable): and

    Versie 3.4.2 214.8 kB Werkt met Firefox 13.0 en hoger

    - Full Grooveshark support:
    - Added new source (
    - Append ... to panel's title when the title does not fit.
    - Moved 'YouTube Lyrics' icon below the video, after the title (click this icon to (re-)open the lyrics panel)

    Versie 3.3.2 213.8 kB Werkt met Firefox 13.0 en hoger

    * The extension will now remember the position the position of the Lyrics panel when you drag/resize it inside YouTube. This preference is enabled by default, but can be turned off at the options page.
    * When you finish resizing the window, the Lyrics panel will correctly position itself if it fell outside the viewport.

    The full change log can be found at

    Versie 3.3.0 213.4 kB Werkt met Firefox 13.0 en hoger

    - New preference: You can now choose to not automatically display lyrics. Just click on the small button in the upper-right corner if you want to see lyrics.
    - When you're logged in, the lyrics panel will not cover your user widget (previously, you had to drag away the lyrics panel if you wanted to click on your username in the upper-right corner).
    - Disabled extension at obviously non-video pages (eg /embed/)
    - Bug-fix: Clicking on reset to defaults will show the true defaults

    The full changelog can be found at