Perfer it over SmoothWheel Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

I previously used SmoothWheel, but I decided to move over to this. SmoothWheel does have more understandable options and a nice statistics page, but YASS has a great "bounce back" effect, albeit this is where I encountered the most issues.
This works on most simple pages, but doesn't on the more advanced ones. Seems backwards, but that's the way it works. Fancier websites don't tend to work, since they have so many moving components dependent on your scroll position. I would like an option to disable the effect on certain sites. NOTE: this is difference than the current option to disable to whole addon on a certain site. I don't have any conflicts with the scrolling itself, just the effect. When I add any site to the "blacklist" it disables the smooth scrolling of it, making it harder to scroll on that site!
All I ask is that you create a separate blacklist for the bounce effect and the regular blacklist. (Actually, that's not all I ask, but you get the point :D)

It works really nice with my Logitech G400, only thing is that I can see a little bit of jerky-ness, like this isn't running at full speed. SmoothWheel had an option to turn down/up the "FPS limit". I'd like an option like that.

Options are nice, but I think there might be a better way to organize them. The sliders don't move smoothly for me, and they tend to jerk to certain numbers.

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