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  • Perfect
  • It does a good job
  • I remeber this trash. I used to use it until they were caught collecting user data. I used it in an atempt to avoid things that id exactly what it was tying to do to me in secret. People who write privacy and security extensions that violate privacy and security deserve their own special place in hell.

    Do not install this garbage. I wish it had a physical form simply so I could watch it burn to ashes. Even if it wasn't a lying data collecter, it doesn't help at all. Plus anything that gives Google sites the safest rating knows nothing about the actual activities of the internet and is obviously not doing it's one rather simple job.

    google.com (tracks tons of data upon every search), encrypted.google.com (tracked search but the tracking data is encrypted.. oh boy!) google-analytics.com (analytics gathering cookie planter), googleadservices.com (ad delivery and more), googletagservices.com (data collector, tracker and useless tracking cookie planter) and googlesyndication.com (data collector and tracker domain of some kind I don't recall exactly) are all blockable crap that don't deserve a positive rating, let alone the BEST and SAFEST rating. The only thing this extension does correctly are lie about the trust level of sites and steal your personal data. I have the feeling sites were paying for safe ratings because the worst sites were always called safe when I already knew what they would do if I clicked on them.

    How can google.com, where you are inundated with a nonstop canvas fingerprinting onslaught, a ridiculous amount of cookies and the most hated search engine tracking on the internet get the green rating?! It's 100% legit and safe when it's also the worst offender of any domain on the internet on an international level? Yeah, OK. I spent a week observing data collection, tracking and cookie planting. Google had done 45% of it. The second worst domain had done 3.5%. That's all the information I need to know this thing doesn't even relally TRY to do it's intende job. Maybe Google paid for that green rating. They certainly don't DESERVE it. Nothing ever made sense with this crap. It accomplished nothing, It just took up space and secretly stole data.

    Definitely does NO GOOD and definitely does LOTS OF BAD. Anyone who gave this thing a positive rating is quite ignorant in regrards to the internet in every possible way. Sorry, but how can anyone be so foolish? Don't you look at your cookies, even? If you don't pay attention to an extension's performance, why do you rate it? You couldn't possible KNOW the deserved rating.

    I consider this thing #2 of the 3 worst extensions to download at the moment. #1 is Stylish for the intenive secret data collection. This is #2 for data collection and uselessness. #3 os Ghostery because it's an ad blocker owned by an ad company. Another extension people blindly trust without their brain's being involved in the choice, whatsoever.
  • Collect your datas and sell it
    cf : https://thehackernews.com/2016/11/web-of-trust-addon.html
  • While the service this extension provides is indeed very helpful, the extension itself is in dire need of updating. Right now, it slows down Firefox substantially and hangs it up. I have stopped installing it on client's computers and will not be recommending it until this is remedied.
  • супер
  • All the warnings I did receive were all justified and proved to be correct, I was saved many times, I highly recommend. This is specially for the thrust everything minded people.
  • Awesome
  • Хорошее расширение, помогает определить заражённые сайты
  • Der vom NDR aufgedeckte Datenskandal »Nackt im Netz« demonstriert, wie Millionen von Internet-Nutzern, darunter Manager, Richter und Journalisten, im Netz ausgespäht wurden. Das Browser-Addon WOT (Web of Trust) hat die gesammelten Surf-Daten nicht ausreichend anonymisiert und dennoch weiterverkauft.
  • I do tech support and I install WOT on every computer I set up. It keeps my customers very safe.
  • Privacy concernes
  • What the hell this extension is warning that Gab network is unsafe???
    https://gab.ai/ is a new place to live without censorship.
    Please, fix and correct your code and/or analysis.
  • Great!
  • Covered in ads, unusable
  • Please deal with best.aliexpress.com issue! I asked AliExpress support team about this subdomain and they said that it is completely safe.Have a nice day!
  • very! very! very! good!

  • very good
  • Very satisfied with WOT.
  • "Web of Trust Sells Your Browsing History, Uninstall It Now"
    LifeHacker.com - https://lifehacker.com/web-of-trust-sells-your-browsing-history-uninstall-it-1788667989
  • Great crowd-sourced service. You can both give feedback to, and receive feedback from "the crowd" about the qualities of websites.
  • No problems. Another way to check out a site.
  • Thanks for what you do!
  • great protection,nice to skip bogus sites in time!