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  • Extension très utile pour développeur, intégrateur et web designer.
  • Useful tests for getting important loading values on own sites
  • There is no toolbar, I see nothing and there is nothing in View > Toolbars for it. The extension shows as enabled in Tools > Addons. I'm using Firefox 64.0.2, does this work for the new web extensions?
  • Does someone have the v1.2.13 xpi file of this extension ?
    Only "this" v2.0.1 version remains...
  • I loved this extension until recently when the latest update comepletely broke it so it's making my browser crash everytime I try to use it.I've had to disable it since the new patch started closing my browser down.I'm on Firefox v56 on the 64 bit install and that's what started crashing after this new update.
    It was working fine on my other 32 bit install of Friefox v39 so I might see if downgrading to that one might help.
  • amazing
  • rất hữu hiệu
  • Good add on for web developers, a classic add-on for Firefox.