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  • Love the addon, does the job perfectly. Just wondering though, why is there 2mb svg inside the XPI for no good reason?
  • Works well, but Malwarebytes Adwcleaner picks it up and deletes it.
    Hi, thank you for your favorable review.

    It might seem, however, that this extension has not scored 5 startsfor reasons that some other software misidentifies it as malware, never mind its reputation and longevity in Mozila Addons. As it does not appear entirely fair, I would like to kindly ask you to reconsider your score.

    Thank you!
  • Amazing
  • Thanks for this! No separate list needed, now I can just bookmark a vid normally and go right back to it. Perfect.
  • I flipping LOVE this add-on, especially given that one of my primary uses of YouTube are long teaching videos. Jumping back in where I was without having to scrub through a video to remember is wonderful!

    My only reason for four stars is that the add-on is hit-and-miss in terms of it working. Here and there, videos will start from the beginning when I return to them.
  • Didn't think it would work, since I went into about:config and set my videos to not AUTO PLAY..The add-on still works great! Thanks.
  • Working as intended hence the 5/5 review. Would be great if the developer would implement "video history page" where you can browse all the videos that are in the viewing process and edit the list as you please.
  • I've been using this extension for a long time, but since I use Browser Opera, I have to install a special extension so that I can install from Google Chrome.
    Thank you for using the extension, for your review, for the high mark, and for your effort and creativity in bringing it to work under Opera.

    It seems that the review is more of a feature request, not entirely related to the Firefox browser, however. Because of that, I wonder if you could reconsider your review and score for the extension in context of Firefox?

    I myself occasionally use Opera because of built-in VPN and Ad blocker, but Firefox remains my primary browser. So I might port the extension to Opera but can't promise that.
  • I can finally use multiprocessing now that my last add on has been updated to web ext. Thank You.
    Thank you very much first for using the addon, second for finding time and for the effort to write a review — your feedback is much appreciated! Please be sure to let me know should you run into any issues using the addon.
  • It works however there is a small problem where it sometimes plays a video and then starts over again(where you left off or not) but this is a small issue as this usually only happens for 0.5 seconds.
    Thank you for using the addon and for taking time to leave a review, your feedback is appreciated. It would help if the issue mentioned could be explained in a greater detail. Is it in that the addon does not resume videos, which only
    started and played for half a second? You can leave a comment on https://www.facebook.com/Appteligent

    Thank you!
  • An update to make it "Multi-process compatible" (E10) would be a great addition to this extremely useful add-on.
  • With all of the YouTube updates, this addon is hanging in there by a thread. There's a much longer delay before it gets to where it needs to, starts the video twice sometimes. it use to be quite a smooth operation before. It would be nice if you could help us an d tweak this baby a little bit [FF 52.0.2]
    Thank you for your feedback. I have recently pushed in an update, which is a port from Chrome version of this very extension to Firefox' WebExtensions platform. Please verify and let me know of any issues of similar nature.
  • It works most of the time but when I have multiple video tabs opened at the same time firefox tends to crash very often with some script problem message box, and I think this addon is to blame. I dissabled it and haven't got the crash for a while now.
  • This is a great addon. Hopefully the developer will make it compatible with Firefox 57+.
    WebExtensions port is in. Thank you for your interest in this extension.
  • As far as I tested it, it is working. I would love to see somewhere with all my watched videos.
  • great. would love to see mobile version too.
  • Whenever I click a link to a specified time (like &t=40s) of a video I never watched this addon always moves the playback position to the beginning.
  • The addon works fantastically for a few months, and then suddenly stops working all together. And I have to uninstall and reinstall it
  • This is a really useful add-on, it really helped me solve the problem I was having with youtube.
    For some unknown reason, youtube's default "remember last position" broke, and every video played from the beginning, regardless of length.

    With this add-on, the functionality was restored, and is now even better, since it accurately remembers the position every time, on all videos (YT's didnt work sometimes).

    It would be even better if there was an option to not remember the position for the first few seconds (specified by the user), much like there is an option to not remember the last few seconds.
    I think it would be easy to implement since there already is a similar function.

  • This is a great add-on but v1.1.4 does not work anymore. I have FF v46 and resumer starts by playing twice the 2-3 sec beginning of the video (could this not happen anymore?) and does not jump to the previous point to resume.. It fails only after FF restart after a crash (it used to work well in a prev. ver.). Now It works correctly only at restart of the tab or restart FF, but it is needed to resume especially after a crash!. Could you fix it please!
  • I have this on every available browser and it's a necessity.
  • Please fix extension for Palemoon browser.
    In latest 26.0.2 version it is NOT working.
    Also last version (1.1.4) can not be installed in Palemoon browser
  • Currently the extension works great in 90% of youtube links. The problems happen when a link has a &t=1s (not in hash) or a t=1h1m1s (with hours or minutes) arguments. It seems this extension was not build with those timestamps in mind.
  • has been using it everyday for months, it's irreplaceable! and additional options are great!
    I wish developer passes addon inspection or whatever, because firefox 43 you'll need about:config pref. to enable this addon and in next version you can't as far as I know :(

    developer of this addon, please pass verification by mozilla, so we, users of this wonderful thing won't have to forever stay at firefox 43, I urge you
  • Some videos do not start unless this add-on is disabled. Example: