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Openness and security
As a responsible member of the community of website owners, takes the privacy and security of its users with the highest regard. provides a service for a user which requires to collect certain information, public and non-public. This Privacy Policy explains the use of that information and how it pertains to each of users.

Information collected by and its purpose collects non-personally-identifying information when you are visiting our website or using our software applications. This information is typically available from web browsers and servers. One of the information types is Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the web page from which you came, the date and the time for each page you view, settings such as browser languages, etc. This information allows us to have a better understanding of the behavior of visitors using our sites. We will also use non-personally-identifiable information for such things as KeyWord popularity reports, regionally website migration patterns, etc. may collect statistics about the behavior of visitors of its websites. For example, may monitor the most active user accounts on websites or use spamming filters to help identify spam. may make this information public or provide it to others. also collects information made public to us that can be considered personally identifiable, such as your internet protocol (IP) address. does not use such information to identify its visitors and does not disclose it.

There are occasions in which visitors to websites, who choose to interact with, may require to gather identifying information from that user. For such visitors the type of information collected will depend on the nature of the interaction. A user signing up for social bookmarking service will be required to submit an e-mail address. Also users are able to sign up for advertising throughout websites network. From time to time, this process may be automated. In this case will ask for further personal and financial information required to complete the transaction of that type. may disclose potentially identifying information only to its employees, contractors, and affiliated organizations that need this information to work on the behalf of in order to provide a service available at websites. These employees, contractors, and affiliated organizations have agreed not to disclose this information to third parties or use it in an unauthorized manner.

The location of such contractors, employees, and affiliated organizations can be anywhere in the world, and will not necessarily include your home country. By using websites you consent to the transfer of such information to them. will not rent or sell potentially identifying information for any purpose other than what is described here in this privacy policy. also provides software applications that are to be used in certain web browsers. These applications are solely for the purpose of a user enjoyment. At no time do we collect information other than what is laid out in this privacy policy with our software applications. Also neither hijacks nor changes your browser of choice in a way that is not expected or laid out in the applications information pages. also guarantees that any registered user can close its user account at any time, and that no personal data will be kept after the closure.

Changes of your information and our privacy policy
While most changes to this Privacy Policy will be minor, please note that from time to time we may change our Privacy Policy, and such changes will be at the sole discretion of We encourage our users to check our Privacy Policy frequently and also be on the lookout for alerts that show up from time to time in your user account with

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