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Versie 0.2.9 8.6 KiB Werkt met Firefox 38.0a1 - 56.*

A Mozilla Add-ons Editor requested that I re-upload this add-on using a new version number. So that's what I did. It might be related to people not being able to download my add-on, so that's what I did. There are no changes other than the version number.

Versie 13.1 KiB Werkt met Firefox 21.0 - 39.*

Fix a bug where the wrong state is shown to the user when restarting the Flashproxy.

Versie 13.1 KiB Werkt met Firefox 21.0 - 30.*

Bugfix release

Versie 13.1 KiB Werkt met Firefox 21.0 - 30.*

- allow the Flashproxy to be restarted, should an error occur
- code refactorings

Versie 184.6 KiB Werkt met Firefox 19.0 - 28.*

Bug fixes and minor improvements. Thanks to Lorenzo Manacorda aka asymmetric!

Versie 184.5 KiB Werkt met Firefox 19.0 - 27.*

Show total and active connections in tooltip.

Versie 184.3 KiB Werkt met Firefox 19.0 - 20.*

Switch to a more conservative method about flashproxy.js, like in the 0.0.x series. Instead parse the log to inform the user about what's going on. This merges the benefits of the 0.0.x and 0.1.x series of Tor Flashproxy Badge.

Versie 0.0.3.rev22.1-signed 176.8 KiB Werkt met Firefox 18.0 - 25.*

Switch from HTTPS to HTTP, so it is less error prone. This shouldn't affect security as it is used like that by most websites.