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  • Your awesome and useful addon don't longer works on recent versions of FF. Could you update it?

  • Nice tool :)

  • pls update :(

  • Needs to be updated for 3.6.

  • When I downloaded this add-on, I figured it would just be a simple highlight and right click thing that worked on any text. The new version of this add-on is like a full-featured application that is perfect for Linux users - especially the noobs like myself. I found the extensive use of the shell and the methods for installing programs to be the biggest changes from Windows. This add-on helps a lot with both. In my opinion, the best part is the warning system that lets you know if any parts of a script might be dangerous. Thanks for making the transition so much easier!

  • This is insanely handy. Thank you!

  • The new version is amazing. The integration with ubuntuforums.org is superb. The possibility of saving the commands as scripts is also really nice. Congratulations! This is a must have for Ubuntu users.

  • Works great for most terminals. Would be nice if it would work with yakuake, which I use exclusively. It would be even better if you could choose to run command in current tab, or open in a new tab.

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    Hey, just to let you know we've got limited support for Yakuake in 0.4. You can start a new session with a terminal command, but it doesn't work with an existing session. It's kind of an ugly hack, but it's the best we can do right now, because yakuake is controlled by technology (DCOP/DBus) that Firefox doesn't support.

    If you could get the yakuake guys to add command-line options like 'yakuake --newtab ' or 'yakuake --currenttab ', then we'd be happy to support yakuake.

  • Ahhh, I was hoping somebody had developed an extension for this. Cheers Ice.

    It would be better if it showed the command that is entered. For instance, when it's a sudo command I just get asked to type in my password and it's not apparent what command it is for.

    When running batch files in dos, you can turn echo on so that all entered commands are displayed. It would be great if there was some equivalent type of echo on this extension.

    Thanks again, this is great.

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    0.4 adds a "debugging mode", which makes the shell print commands as they're run. The results vary depending on which shell you use, but it should do the job. You can enable debugging mode from Tools -> Add-ons -> TerminalRun -> Preferences -> Debugging mode

    Let us know how you get on with it :)

  • This addon is quite useful for any Linux user.

  • A must have for any Ubuntu user.

    Nice job!

  • What a great idea! This is a must have for anyone using Linux, when following tutorials that require constant copy-paste to a terminal!

  • An add-on that will be great and save me a lot of time. Great job.
    A must have add-on for all linux firefox users
    So far no problem with it.

  • Nice job, mate.

    It can be very useful, but remember to always be careful in what you're typing!

  • Does what it says, no problems so far. Well done to those responsible! Should prove a boon for us Linux users who are always needing to fix something or another...should save some cutting and pasting at least.