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Waarom is Tangerinefox gemaakt?

In the last years my interest and my enthusiasm in customizing Windows got more and more intensified. Especially I felt in love with the style of the "Tango Desktop Project". After I used themes and skins from others for miscellaneous programs in the beginning I began to approach to make my own.

When Firefox was released in version 3.6 there wasn't a compatible theme with Tangerine-icons anymore. This gave me the motivation to create "Tangerinefox". The development-process was relatively long. On the one hand I had to make me familiar with the subject and on the other hand I was intended that the icons and graphics are suitable. So I held the whole thing in abeyance for a couple of weeks till I got the convenient idea. Overall I had lots of fun in the progress and also will have it most certainly in the future. :-)

Wat biedt de toekomst voor Tangerinefox

In one of the next updates it will come support for other Add-ons. Add-ons for example like "Adblock Plus", "MR Tech Toolkit", "DownThemAll!", "Brief" and additional will also appear in the Tangerine-look by use of "Tangerinefox". You are welcome to inform me about which Add-ons you like to see under these.

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