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  • Verwende den Bookmarker für Firefox! Der Bookmarker funktioniert seit einiger Zeit nicht mehr wie früher! Eine Anmeldung mit den Symbaloo Anmeldedaten ist nicht möglch. Es heißt immer: "e-mail und Passwort sind nicht kompatibel"? Auch findet sich beim klicken mit der rechten Maustaste kein Eintrag im Menu, mit dem ich die Seite für Symbaloo speichern kann.
    Meinen Symbaloo Accountdaten:

    Liebe Grüße
    Rudi Kreinz

    Registration with the Symbaloo credentials is not possible. It is always said: "e-mail and password are not compatible"? Also, when clicking with the right mouse button, no entry in the menu, with which I can save the page for Symbaloo. My Symbaloo account details:
  • Es un extensión muy práctica, ya que al momento mismo en que se encuentra algo interesante se puede descargar al tablero personal, directo a la clasificació que le corresponde
  • Niet compatibel met Firefox Quantum
  • Daily user of Symbaloo, but bookmarker doesn't show (also no option to add by right clicking).
  • Great Organizing tool
  • Like other recent reviewers, although I use Symbaloo every day, I have never managed to even see an icon, never mind put this add-on to use.

    Firefox 43
  • Does nothing.
  • After installation nothing happened. There was not any Symbaloo icon on the toolbar nor anywhere else. Also tried restarting.
    Nothing. Real shame.
    1 star because zero is not accepted. But an add-on that doesn't work does not deserve a star.

    Firefox 41 on Mac OSX Yosemite
  • Me había funcionado hasta ahora; quizás con versión nueva de Firefox, ha dejado de funcionar y no me reconoce el usuario/contraseña de Symbaloo, que són correctos (puedo entrar desde la página web de Symbaloo)
    Hola! Podrías por favor enviarme un email con lo que te ocurre exactamente a gemma@symbaloo.com con tu nombre de usuario e email. Gracias!
    También puedes consultar nuestro soporte en castellano en: http://es.support.symbaloo.com/
    Un saludo,
  • This simply does not work at all on Firefox.. It is as though nothing at all was installed.
  • This was a feature that I felt was missing from Symbaloo. It was cumbersome & time consuming to manually add a link every time. The only problem that I have with this app is that the icon is not moveable on the toolbar. I would gladly give it 5 stars if this ability was added.
  • The add-on works. However, it refuses to be removed from the toolbar. Additionally, it can't be move don the toolbar. I wanted to use is via the context menu only. I can't.
  • What I really want is:1. Option to remove the symbaloo home button. I don't need it
    . Ability to be able to move the add to symbaloo button on my toolbar. Every single other add-on I have that has a button on my toolbar can be moved around easily... but not symbaloo. That is my major gripe.
  • I have been looking far and wide looking for the ultimate home page. This one has many very well done features, looks and ideas. It is clear that some time and work was put into this one.

    However, it does have a ton of bugs, the flow and UI are close- but there are some snags, many websites are wildly misscategorized( Like Cars.com being in the "Going Green" category.)

    When it comes to website inclusion it is a big danger to include every site in a category. I should disclose that I am working on a similar project and I spend hours a day on that segment alone. Lets say I am blitzing sports sites and looking for football. I might find 10 sites- but maybe 3 are great. Blindly listing them all is a big big mistake.

    Also, the #&%^* toolbar buttons refuse to customize and they actually sent a few of the buggier icons( it always is the same few) all over the place. That rookie mistake was one star drop alone.

    In short- this has blockbuster potential but it feels very beta. Keep developing it, put in the time and it could go from potential to greatness!
  • Nice addon, but nonmovable icons isn't good solution. I don't use navigation bar.
    Try to fix this.
    Thank you
  • Symbaloo was a disaster for me. I created tons of educational webmixes but Symbaloo now displays them without my name on them. :( I created over 80 in total and none are credited to me. :(
  • I'd like to know how to do that, these icons are fixed on mynavigation bar, no matter what I do.
    I'd like to hide "Symbaloo" button and put "Add to Symbaloo" on menu bar.

    Also, would be good if create/edit tiles were via popup (like before) instead of loading a new page.
  • EN-us: This is what im looking for. I can access my favorites sites anywhere. I can change the tile icons on my own and share them with my friends on social networks. This extension is worth of five stars. thanks developer. I thougth the search form at screen top was to find my tiles but not this is to find webmixes uploaded from other people. It would awesome if i could make a search for a word only on sites tiled on my webmix. sorry for my bad english.
    Pt-br : Isto é o que estava procurando. Eu posso acessar meus sites favoritos em qualquer lugar. Eu posso mudar os ícones do azulejo do meu próprio jeito e compartilhá-los com os meus amigos em redes sociais. Essa extensão é merecedora de cinco estrelas. Obrigado desenvolvedor. Eu pensei que a caixa de busca na parte superior da tela seria para encontrar meus próprios sites registrados, mas não e é encontrar webmixes upados de outras pessoas. Seria fantástico se eu pudesse fazer uma pesquisa por uma palavra apenas em sites azulejados no meu webmix. Desculpe-me pelo meu mau Inglês.
  • Very useful. Too bad there's no way to upload my own set of icons and some built-in symbols are broken. That's -1 star for you. ;)
    Still, great extension.
  • Hello there, I happened to try this add-on and found it to be just about perfect. Nice & useful. I was hunting for an online private/public bookmark storing & dashboard kind of a service, and found this, which suffices all the requirements which I wanted. As @thezoed says, it needs the tweakability, menu or prefrences and yes the search box in between the tiles is not necessary as everybody has a search box in the browser itself. Also needs to load faster, but considering that it is very new, and may be still in the developmental stages, the things it is offering right now are fair enough, so I give a 4 star rating. Waiting for symbaloo to update this service. Great job cheers :-)
  • Not available for Firefox 3.6.3
  • fantastische add-on. was even in paniek toen ik na een reset mn bookmarker kwijt was!
  • erg handig!

  • Although I chose French, I still have parts in Dutch.(I live in Luxembourg my provider is connected to Belgium and I think Symbaloo tries to use the IP to get the language.
    I hate that !
  • Very basic in its functionality. Adds two buttons to your nav bar. Needs preferences. (option to take away icons on bar, ad function keys, etc.) Needs the ability to specify what image you want from the website on your Symbaloo. Needs to have a menu to choose which page you want to place the book mark on. Needs to load faster.