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Versie 4.0a1 1.4 MB Werkt met Firefox 29.0 en hoger

Versie 240.6 kB Werkt met Firefox 14.0 en hoger

Fixed some loose variables
Fixed compatibility tab not being selected when compatibility mode is enabled
Fixed compatibility pane not being visible when compatibility check is disabled
Added hu-HU and sr translations

Versie 3.0.1-signed 234.5 kB Werkt met Firefox 14.0 en hoger

Change log
• Improved upon the squared and wave tab style. There are now fewer cases where the tabs do not behave as they are meant to and code has been added to allow further improvements in the future.
• Fixed some selected tab colouring issues with default tab styles and Strata40 add-on bar style.
• Fixed an issue where tabs in titlebar had extra padding when in the toolbar customise dialog.
• Added English (British) translation.
• Added German translation.
• Added Spanish translation.
• Added French translation.
• Added Italian translation.
• Added Polish translation.
• Added Portuguese translation.
• Added Russian translation.
• Added Chinese (both simplified and traditional) translations.

Versie 3.0b2 210.9 kB Werkt met Firefox 14.0 en hoger

• Added tab group icons to all icon styles
• Fixed new tab button icon issue
• Fixed inverted icon behaviour with Personas when placed in tab bar
• Fixed some tab style button issues
• Changed default Stratiform UI colour and colour options
• Changed 16px Stratiform icon to match new default UI colour
• Changed tab styled buttons blacklist (the "Exceptions" option) to a whitelist

Versie 3.0b1 198.7 kB Werkt met Firefox 14.0 en hoger

Versie 274.4 kB Werkt met Firefox 10.0 en hoger

Fixed curved tab styles with FF13
Fixed some cases where two spacers were added to disable conditional forward button
Updated style of Soft7 large back icon
Improved compatibility with Informational Tab

Versie 2.1.1-signed 285.7 kB Werkt met Firefox 10.0 en hoger

Versie 2.1b1 276.5 kB Werkt met Firefox 10.0 en hoger

Versie 257.0 kB Werkt met Firefox 9.0 en hoger

Options tab background animations disabled by default
Tab styled split menu buttons now work correctly
Some "generalized" IDs have been made more unique.

Versie 2.0.1-signed 250.9 kB Werkt met Firefox 9.0 en hoger

Versie 161.8 kB Werkt met Firefox 4.0 en hoger

Versie 1.2.1-signed 141.3 kB Werkt met Firefox 4.0 en hoger

Versie 1.2b2 134.1 kB Werkt met Firefox 4.0 en hoger

Versie 1.2b1 175.1 kB Werkt met Firefox 4.0 en hoger

Versie 1.1.1-signed 166.9 kB Werkt met Firefox 4.0b12pre en hoger

Changes since 1.1b:
Added Polish language thanks to Michał Morawski (moras86)
Fixed back-button not clipping properly with PersonalToolbar shown
Fixed missing back icon if back-button was placed in TabsToolbar
Fixed padding on star-button if placed on the left of the urlbar
Fixed 'titlechanged' on inactive tabs
Fixed active tab coloring on some Windows themes
Fixed two go buttons showing for IE9 text-field style
Fixed Strata40 (squared) not having squared tabs-bottom
Fixed some issues with Wave tab style with combined buttons (eg zoom buttons)
Updated Wave pressed glyph image
Updated some translations

Changes since 1.0:
Added German language thanks to ~dert07
Added Dutch language thanks to =seahorsepip
Added IE9 style tabs,buttons,icons,text-fields
Added an option to move the Urlbar bookmark star
Added 'Wave' style thanks to =seahorsepip
Added Strata40 squared tabs
Added misc icons for each glyph style
Added basic support for 'Flow' theme/addon
Added option to place tabs in the titlebar in normal window mode
Fixed a bug in some cases manually setting a value on a scale reported 'Invalid Value'
Fixed tab style button background colors on non-default Windows theme
Fixed 'null' value when installing Stratiform
Fixed issue with apptabs in tab overflow
Fixed default tab height being lower than Firefox 4 default
Fixed some tab style buttons having a hover state when disabled
Fixed new tab icon hiding in tab overflow mode
Fixed Strata40 tab overflow scrollbutton alignment
Fixed padding on toolbarbuttons placed to the right of the tabs
Fixed toolbar coloring on split menu buttons
Fixed changing border-radius on some split menu buttons
Converted Strata40 tabs to CSS
Tab style buttons appear as tabs when customizing
Tab style buttons are only skinned when placed on the left of the tabs
Removed 'Pretty dropmarkers', now enabled by default

Versie 1.0.1-signed 104.4 kB Werkt met Firefox 4.0b12pre en hoger

Versie 1.0a3.1-signed 98.3 kB Werkt met Firefox 4.0b12 en hoger

Versie 1.0a2 119.8 kB Werkt met Firefox 4.0b8 - 4.0b9

Coming soon...

Versie 1.0a1 77.8 kB Werkt met Firefox 4.0b8 - 4.0b9pre