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I don't have a Facebook account, and I use it, no problem, but that I really strongly dislike, is the fact it's more a kind of shortcut towards the site that a real app. Once I quit the Stitcher page it stoppes. I'd like an extension that doesn't show the Stitcher page. The extension is useless, I can go alone on the site. I need a real app.

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Why do I need a facebook account to use this, WTF Millions of people don't use facebook, don't force us to.

Update: My bad, there is another option to sign up with email. I only saw a popup box with a tiny email sign up link.

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This is one of the Firefox add ons that I love the most. Provides me with an easy way to access listening to topics of interest by aggregating my favourite podcasts in a slick and intuitive interface. As the previous commenter, I'd also like for the Firefox Stitcher button to work without having to have a tab open, and I'm looking forward for this functionality to be included in the further updates of this add on. Big thanks to the developer for this great add on!

Still need open in seperate tab Waardering 2 van 5 sterren

Do I still need to keep the tab with open to keep listening? I was hoping I would have one less tab open after installing this add-on...

Keeping Separate Tab Open

Currently the add-on requires our web app to be open in a tab to use the "remote control" feature. It's a limitation we'd like to remove in a future version of the add-on.

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One of my favorite apps, now in a Firefox add-on. Brilliant!

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Stitcher makes it incredibly easy for me to listen to all of my favorite talk shows and podcasts - anywhere, anytime. Thanks for the magic.

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Wow. That sure helps. Make listening to Stitcher that much easier.

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I love listening to Stitcher! It makes it so easy to listen to my favorites shows and keep up to date. And this add-on makes it even better. I love the remote control functionality!

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Two things I love - Firefox and Stitcher - now together. Simple but useful. If you don't know about Stitcher you should check it out - their new web app which this uses is really nice and their mobile apps are great for listening on the go.