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  • It doesn't work in Firefox 56.0 (32-bit)
  • I have been using this add on for several years & I love it. It's probably my favorite add on for Firefox. However I noticed today that it no longer works because my Firefox was updated to version 55 and Firefox now says this add on is not compatible with the latest version of FF.
    Can this please be updated so that it works with the latest version of FF?
  • Just tried it and it looks useful from the get go. My main complain is the quality, but it is minor.

    Why not add a bookmark list icon and normal address bar so we can navigate just as easily as we can directly in firefox? Having a modal popup dialog box to navigate is a bit annoying and the first thing I noticed that bothered me.
  • I needed a tab splitter and tried this one first. It works however it needs an option and two features added to it.
    - option: Ability to hide the header in the split tab so that both tabs can be lined up with one another.
    - feature: the split tab has no zoom control so my normal tab is at 115% and the split tab is 100% (too small for me). Needs to zoom and also for same reason as above so that both sides can be lined up with one another for comparison.
    - feature: synchronous scrolling of both sides at once.

    The fact that the split panel didn't have it's own zoom control I had to find another addon (Fox Splitter). That addon would have been just right except it hasn't been updated for the latest releases of FF, so I re-installed this one.

    At the very least can you give us zoom control for the split tab?

    Thank you.
  • I wanted to add what someone else wrote - I could not find any way to close a panel by mousing around any upper right corner. However, in split panel preferences there is an option you need to select - "use default supplied icons". After restarting Firefox, there will be a red "x" button that removes the split panel.
  • EVERYONE there is a way to CLOSE the Panel. Took me a while to find it. Why?? It is Hidden in the very top right on bar of the Panel opened. If you mouse over there it should say "Close splitpannel" You Can not see the Close panel button but it is there.
  • This is a nice idea but suffers two major flaws. The first is that after splitting a screen there is no way to get back to a single screen. The second is that there is no navigation bar on the split screen ensuring you cannot change it and as you cannot shut it the whole thing seems pointless. I am not sure how it could be developed with these two major flaws which for me make it unusable. Fix them two and I will happily use it but its no good as it is and it might be because it came out in April 2011 with no updates since.
  • It seems good but I haven't find a way to close the splitted window.
  • Well, how to remerge the splitted window?
  • very user-friendly!
  • This is exactly what I was looking for. I'm using a terminal inside my FF most of the time, with shellinabox on a Linux box. I was looking for something like this to put my terminal in the window. Thanks. It works great.

    Edit: If only I could save/restore the panel state, that would be awesome.

    Edit #2: Tip: Those who want tabs or zoom in split panel try going to this url in the panel:


  • So far, in Firefox 19 (Linux) this extension is working perfectly well without slowing my 9-year-old computer down. Being fully resizeable and having separate navigation buttons and a basic menu for saving, bookmarking or changing the location is a useful touch.

    It would've been preferable if the button defaulted to using an icon instead of text; I wouldn't care, except changing it requires the browser be restarted. More problematically, the options window is too small to include the text & buttons, and doesn't allow resizing. If my desktop environment (KDE 4) didn't let me force windows to change size, I wouldn't have been able to hit the buttons to save my settings.

    PS. It seems from what other creators have done that it's possible to rename an extension, so please change it to "Split Panel" so it's spelled correctly! Or perhaps rename it something else entirely like "Window Panes" so it's not potentially confused with the rival that's getting an increasingly bad rep.
  • Used in combination with the addon 'Download Manager Tweak', Split Pannel, allows me to have the regular website in the top of a vertically aligned 29" monitor, and the download tab in the bottom. Perfect for QA'ing the links on websites.
  • Works alright. Doesn't have a lot of the same features as Fox Splitter. Wish they would update it.
  • Great, but too bad that the reload of TabMixPlus does not work in the splitted part, and too bad there is no split to the top.
  • Why is it so hard to get a simple and working panel splitter?!

    First - this splitter ignores the zooming factor of the browser, and so often makes text hard to read on big screens for which it is common to use zooming.

    Second - the split made on one tab - to get reference to different part of the same document, goes on to all the other tabs that have nothing to do with the original tab and page it was originally split for.
  • This addon works much better for me than previous addons i have used. With Splitbrowser or Tiletab, the tab that you tile is still listed among your tabs, and you always had to be careful to click into the proper tab before navigating with the on screen or mouse buttons (because it might open page in the wrong tile otherwise. I like to make use of my widescreen aspect ratio by having chatzilla tiled to the right and taking up about 1/3 of the horizontal screen resolution, leaving me a roughly 5:4 rile on the left for webbrowsing. I never have to worry about the navigating im doing in the left pane accidentally closing out chatzilla in the other tile if i forget to click back into the proper tile after typing in iRC.

    the one problem i have tho is the way that pages are tiled. you have to open the page in a tab and then right click in the tab content somewhere and hit Tile>Right (or whatever direction). I think it would be much better if you made it so that you can right-click on links or bookmarks and have that same context menu option to open the link in a tile. The reason this is so annoying is that i have chatzilla set to autoperform my irc logins when i open it, and when i open it in a tab in order to tile it (which opens another instance of chatzilla which also tries to login) its not able to log in on the tile because it was already doing it in the first one. hope thats not confusing lol

    also it would be nice to have the ability to zoom on the tiled tab. i just increased the fontsize in chatzilla to remedy this problem, but i could imagine other ppl finding it a bigger issue for what theyre trying to do.

    but im not going to knock a star off for this one, since its so perfect for my needs one i get things situated.
  • works great with older versions of FF, Im using 4.0.1, works but has issues with new versions

    please update
  • Good addon for firefox. SImple and useful.
    I really like how it is permanent on all tabs, with this i can always have my chat sites on,especially facebook groupchat,where you can only use on facebook site..If only we can have an additional panels.
  • Simple, useful and works fine, but in split window Fire Gestures addon doesn't work.
    Please add the support.. :-)
  • thank you for this split browser replacement. im a fan of split pannels. it would be great to have the advantage of more than 2 splits at the same time though (for wide screen users)
    good work though!
  • Split Pannel is great !!The new version 1.0 is supports Firefox 4 now ..
    Thank you very much for update !!!
  • This add-on did not work w/4.0, the only button that worked for "Options" was the cancel button. When I did split and put a window to the right, I clicked on the reload button and the window disappeared.

    My mistake, thought I had checked it on FF4. In the mean time I set compatibility back on 0.8.8. It should be OK with FF3*
  • Ok, I guess in theory, a split screen function can come in handy at times. The problem with this add-on is that there are no instructions, turning it off is next to impossible, and they placed the switch in absolutely the wrong place. Put it on the toolbar somewhere; don't hide it on the scroll bar. I can't tell you how many times I would start scrolling, and the window would just split; I didn't even realize what I had done the first few times. And undoing it is too big of a hassle.

    I uninstalled it.
  • 这个分屏插件很好用,简洁实用。
    感觉比Split Browser、Tile Tabs、All-in-One Sidebar 的分屏效果要直观些,对google docs支持良好。

    希望能支持火狐3.63版,将插件Split Pannel更新至最新版。