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  • Going from 2.4.x to 3.x made it stop working. Go back to 2.4 till they have it fixed. I get no link on any site. 3.0 is Beta and should not be pushed.
    Are you using If you're having trouble with it working, please create a ticket on github.
  • Eigentlich ein super AddOn, aber seit FF50 öffnen sich die Links alle sofort im Vordergrund und es gibt keine Möglichkeit das abzustellen.
  • A (for me) very important feature is missing. In the original Snap Links, it was possible to draw a rectangle anywhere, even on a figure without mapped links. This was a great side-feature, as one could e.g. estimate coordinates of points on graphs, check the horizontal alignment of points, etc. It would be great if this behavior would be brought back.
    I know the current v3.0.x that's released is a minimal rewrite but what you're describing should work. The only cases where this shouldn't work is when the click begins on a flash object or an iframe. Could you, by chance, open up a bug report on this with a video of what you're describing?
  • Lastest version is much improved and works great on Quantum (Firefox 57). When missing bells and whistles such as changing button assignment is added this will rate a 5.
  • I messed around trying different keyboard modifiers combinations and looking for basic instructions before finding out that you need to drag with the right mouse button - which isn't identified ANYWHERE. it just opens all links within in a new tab. So, not very convenient if what you want to do is mass download a bunch of files. I'll use Opera instead.
  • Before update I used this addon with mht files Excel (Save as mht and then open in Firefox). It's not working now! Please check and fix it! Realy need it!
  • if I could keep only five extensions, this would be in the list.
  • Great Addon. But not working in FF49.
  • Очень полезное и простое дополнение.
  • great addon but some comment deleted here
  • with FF49, Snap Links Plus lost settings, and many bugs appeared. The workaround is to rollback to previous version, and wait for a solid update.
  • using firefox 49 it has become awful:
    first of all it opens links clicked at the end, not next to current tab, as before and tab selection has become larger, marking irrelevant areas,
    I guess it's time for an update

    edit: well, ok, but the new version sucks big time, while the old one worked like a charm, so I rolled back too, I don't care about electrolysis either, I'll disable it if I get a chance
    My apologies, the version that is now 'current' is a rewrite from scratch and was a first shot at it, the next release will have many more features and issues fixed. Coming soon.
  • It even works on Firefox 48.0 (the "uncompatible" sign isn't true, fix it pls)
  • unfortunately there is no ability to copy as a plain text
    eg. if i set action: Copy Links to Clipboard and select links on this page
    Clint Priest, Tommi Rautava and then paste them to excel or word instead url i get Clint Priest, Tommi Rautava.

    i suggest add some hotkey or options to copy links as plain text so result after paste to excel would be plain text
  • version 46.0.1 this addon does what it says
    niceley done
  • FF46 broke this great add-on but the unsigned v2.4.3 works. I couldn't find this version on GitHub (the latest there was v2.4.3b3 and it didn't work) but you can find it under version history for this add-on here.


  • After I updated to Fire Fox 46, I can no longer select links in Snap Links Plus. I rely on this feature regularly, so this is a real problem for me. What do I need to do to fix it?
  • I used to use this all the time but ever since I updated to firefox 46.0 I can't select multiple links, I switched from the original snap links to snap links plus because the older one was discontinued but I may have to find a new add-on if I can't figure out how to get this working :(
  • I can't get snap link to work with Mozilla Firefox new update to 46.0. Please fix it asap.
  • Snap Links Plus is necessary when doing research. If several links are available in a page of a document, Snap Links Plus helps me make sure I open all of them, and saves time.

    Apparently there is no 64-bit version that works with the 64-bit version of the Pale Moon browser. So, I also use the 32-bit version of Firefox.
  • I love this add on so much, use it every day.. now its broken, please fix.. thanks..
    I miss it too, I have begun on a new Version 3 which would be web extension based but it may be a long time coming. Anyone out there who is a developer is welcome to pitch in.

    The new version will likely be more focused on the major use case and with less GUI based options which will raise the bar for those not technical unfortunately, but it will save time in getting a new, working version, to market.
  • More customizable than Multi Links Plus but I still use because it open links the way I want

    Open links [a][b][c][d]

    don't wait for the links to load and try to open [e][f][g][h]

    results: [a][e][b][f][c][g][d][h]

    when it should be

    [a][b][c][d] [e][f][g][h]
  • I am tired opening a lot of links one to one in Wikipedia.
  • Awesome. I use this add-on everyday when researching via Google [FF 40.0.3]. Only option missing that would make this a five-star review is delay loading the tabbed pages until switching to the individual tabs. Firefox can be a memory hog. Delaying the loading of the tabbed pages until accessing the tabs would save memory, I think. Otherwise this is a near-perfect add-on for my use. 4.99999999 stars :)
  • This addon is indispensible at times (such as opening many bug tracker links) but seems its broken in latest firefox - no longer working in FF43. Same symptom as last review reported.

    Still giving it a 5* since if it gets fixed its still the best and only one of its kind.

    post note: Actually working in FF (v43) but not in FF Developer Edition (v45).