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  • Дрянь все время слетает и перестает копировать
  • HOW DOES ONE CHOOSE what action this ext. will do? I don't want new tabs opened. I want to bookmark a group of selected links. This ext. is useless to me without INSTRUCTIONS!
  • made my life a lot easier
  • Absolutely the best tool for both checkboxes and opening many links at once. The right click and drag is simply a wiser choice than selecting links manually in similar solutions.
  • Add a option to save the links in a TXT file.
  • Where's the option which allows me to copy to clipboard? When i select the links it only open in new tab :(
  • if u add ( open links delay option) and select shortcut (ctrl+right click) to select and deselect some links t will be awesome
  • only feature missing is the one i actually need. how do you tell it to mass download all links selected? I dont want to open 30 links as tabs before downloading manually
  • linkclump
  • Good add on if you're looking at multiple sites. Doesn't seem to slow your computer down either which is a big help. So far it's been working perfectly and has really made things such as writing up essays and blogs a lot easier.
  • Please please consider letting us add a key combination for this to trigger. I use firegestures with my right mouse button. With your old version I could use shift in combination to have this the drag mode trigger.
  • Amazing
  • I have not yet been able to use this extension because as soon as I added it, I can't use right clicking links in Google Maps. Disable it and Google Maps works again. Will review it fixed.
  • Good addon but has 3 major issues:

    1. No way to either invoke it or disable it by pressing CTRL or ALT key.
    2. No time out to cancel the action - if you right click it will start working and keep working and there is no way to cancel - typically gestures (for e.g., Foxy gestures) would time out after a certain period and the value is customizable
    3. Interferes with gestures addons such as Foxy Gestures that use right clicks as well. The interference is quite huge as you invariably end up removing the add-on unfortunately.

    I hope these can be addressed at some point. In the meantime, if opening multiple links is what you are looking for, you may use:

    Open Links in Tabs or FoxyLink addons.
  • On Firefox Quantum (57) it works in some page(s) it won't in other(s)...

    ex.. works in https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/, but it doesn't in https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/
  • Doesn't work for me on 57 either.

    Could be that it interacts with so many other extensions that use the mouse. Should be able to use modifiers (lCtrl-, Alt-, Shift-) to determine when its functionality is activated.