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  • Does what I need....
  • There is no way to do anything other than open the selected links in new tabs. The author claims it can do many things including bookmark selected links.... not so.
  • Perfect add on. After the big FF update my Multi Links add on didn't work anymore. So Snap links plus was the best alternative.

    Would be great having a delay option before opening each new tab. Sometimes servers can't handle my speed :-).
  • Дрянь все время слетает и перестает копировать
  • HOW DOES ONE CHOOSE what action this ext. will do? I don't want new tabs opened. I want to bookmark a group of selected links. This ext. is useless to me without INSTRUCTIONS!
  • made my life a lot easier
  • Absolutely the best tool for both checkboxes and opening many links at once. The right click and drag is simply a wiser choice than selecting links manually in similar solutions.
  • Add a option to save the links in a TXT file.
  • Where's the option which allows me to copy to clipboard? When i select the links it only open in new tab :(
  • if u add ( open links delay option) and select shortcut (ctrl+right click) to select and deselect some links t will be awesome
  • only feature missing is the one i actually need. how do you tell it to mass download all links selected? I dont want to open 30 links as tabs before downloading manually
  • linkclump
  • Good add on if you're looking at multiple sites. Doesn't seem to slow your computer down either which is a big help. So far it's been working perfectly and has really made things such as writing up essays and blogs a lot easier.
  • Please please consider letting us add a key combination for this to trigger. I use firegestures with my right mouse button. With your old version I could use shift in combination to have this the drag mode trigger.
  • Amazing
  • I have not yet been able to use this extension because as soon as I added it, I can't use right clicking links in Google Maps. Disable it and Google Maps works again. Will review it fixed.