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  • GG
  • Works great, makes browsing galleries much more efficient.
  • Hace lo que dice.
    Seleccionas un texto y en el menú del botón derecho del ratón te ofrece la posibilidad de abrir todos los enlaces incluidos.
  • best app for selecting links
  • Отлично работает.
  • nice
  • This addon keeps regresing for such a long time current iteration is a complete downgrade vs the old 2.4.3, because with 2.4.3 i can right-click then stop(check all the links are corect,copy,bookmark) after my last review they added nothing from the original back into it, now how am i supposed to switch browsers past ff 54 without addons is beyond me.
  • We need a icon for activation and disable plz, how multilinks do in the past.

  • A button at the toolbar to start this addon would be lovely.
  • Nice! Glad you added the modifier key. Was a bit of a pain using this add on when having a mouse gesture extension as well that was triggered by the right click.
  • Cpu usage goes to 80% when enabled in latest nightly build
  • Getting closer and close to the old version, but this one handles 99.9% of what I need it to do. Thank you so much for working on this and sharing with the world!!
  • The ability to change the Modifier key is what I was waiting for. Great plugin!
  • partly working with FF 52.7.3 ESR.

    -Middle Click + Drag is working, but Link Middle Click Opening is disabled by this addon. Old 2.4.3 don't have this problem.
    -Ctrl + Middle Click + Drag is not working.
  • A very good tools! There is a problem in the new version. The tags are not displayed in order. when I close one tag, It will always jump to page 1, please fix it,Thank you!
  • )
  • A promising extension. However I was looking for a way to download multiple links, such as what DownThemAll could do.

    Croâ's review, about 4 months before this one, gives a way to just copy the URLs of the selected links: hold down the CTRL key before releasing the right mouse button.

    With the copied URLs I can then download them using a command such as wget or curl.

    For my particular web site of interest, Snap Links Plus allows me to interactively choose what links to download and then with a simple workaround I can download them.
  • I use it to open the links in new tabs. Works perfectly.
  • This does exactly what I needed it to do, and the best thing about it is that when you install it, it loads a page with really simple instructions on how to use, plus a testing ground. Most addons don't have helpful instructions like this. Thanks! :)