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  • TO USER:
    Best of I used!!
    already: custom key to hold
    TBC :
    delay in opening!
    delay in opening!
    delay in opening!
    waiting so long~~~
    source: [Feature Request: Optional Delay For Opening Each New Tab · Issue #114 · cpriest/SnapLinksPlus](https://github.com/cpriest/SnapLinksPlus/issues/114)
  • What an awesome extension!
  • Perfect for coping multiple ED2K links to clipboard, just what I wanted. A right click menu would be nice after highlighting eg: copy, open.
  • Thank you for the quick bug fix! It works great again.
  • Snap Links just stopped working on my FF63. Found I'm running version Now I can see v3.1.4 released in Nov.2018. Does anyone know how to install new version? Snap Links addon page just installs v and no way to update. What the fk???

    Updated review: Manually installed v3.1.3 and now it works again. Fantastic!!
  • I love snap links extension on firefox, makes gaming on farmville 2 so easy
  • It stopped working for me too with FF 63. Then I noticed I was running some old version (probably auto update didn't work). Uninstalled, reinstalled to get the latest version and it's working again with FF 63.
  • Actually, it's not possible to choose what action to perform. After selection, nothing is displayed and it always opens new tabs. Also, multilinks had the ability to do multiple selections in a row. SLP ends the selection right after the mouse button is released. Too bad.

    For now, the best solution for me is to stick with FF 56.0.2 and legacy versions of my favourite extensions.
  • This is what I've been searching for! After Firefox decided to destroy all my old add-ons with an update, I was unable to find a replacement for Selection Links by Florian Gilles. All other link selection add-ons I've tried do not work with my company's website. I suspect it has something to do with table formatting. Snap Links Plus works great though! Thank you for creating this.
  • This worked great, right up until today, when Firefox 63 auto-installed. Now, when I right-click and select one or more links, the little info-box comes up with the selected-link-count, but then ... nothing happens.
    Is there any hope this can, or will, be fixed soon?
    I gave it a 5-star rating because it's been working perfectly up until now. I think Firefox/Mozilla broke the functionality.
  • Very interesting
  • Perfect!
    Love the option to change mouse button and even modifier keys!
  • Good