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  • dont work with FF 70.1 - 0 link
  • Rated 1 star to get someone's attention. :) It's not working at all (no rectangle) and what ever settings I choose in the options it does not save them. I am using Firefox 52.5.3. ESR so maybe that has something to do with. I used to use this all the time back in the good ole days.

    Revised a billion times because I can't type worth darn!
  • Wow! How many times, no, years have I been frustrated over the lack of "open these links"-function in web browsers.
    Thank you so much for making this add-on! =)
    PS. This tool paired with a session tool for tabs makes for a powerful combination.
    Once again, thank you so much!

    Edit: The addon didn't work at first. Seems CTRL is used by something else on my PC. With ALT + LEFT MOUSE it works like a charm! =)
    Edit 2: Or just right click without modifier.
  • I start using this add-on yesterday and I love it. Only con is that I wish it would skip the websites on google.ru that I have already visited. e.g. skip purple links. But over all very nice add-on.
  • Warning: when writing WordPress posts on a private blog, this add-on injects code into the posts! So this add-on is malicious and should not be used by webmasters. The issue has been reported here, but the bug has been closed without a solution. So I give it 1 star, but actually it doesn't deserve any star, as it's malicious!


    This is the code I found in my WordPress posts:

  • Wonderful. Thanks to developer.
  • is good