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Love customize firefox, and here there is you :D thank you

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Thanks a lot, it save me some pixel on my screen :) (used in combinaison with https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/hidescrollbars/?src=search)

他愛もない機能ですが、便利で、重宝します。 推奨します。まずは、お試しください。 Waardering 5 van 5 sterren


default 設定のままでも十分に機能します。

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Cheeky little addon that's come in very handy.
Be fantastic if it had the option of having a pixel count instead of percentage.

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I've used this before on a different Windows machine. Very handy remember where you had scrolled.

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I just noticed this extension. I wanted the HideScrollbars extension to increase more screen viewing area but it lacked any indicator of where you are on the page. This handy tool is the ultimate solution. Now, I can use both. Thank you so much.

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Puede que no sea el complemento indispensable, pero es util.

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On cpu constrained PCs like netbooks the overlay text causes high cpu use and make the scrolling jerky, even with little text.
Could you provide an alternative way of displaying the scroll content, like the text on a button to be placed in a toolbar please?

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I love this addon before and love it even more after the the author implemented the preferences panel! Now just look how powerful this thing is! Now I can completely hide my scroll bar.Another thought is that you can add option of a transparent box to the number, say a grey one with white thin border, clean look and works against any background.Well do I sound too demanding? sorry if I do, just a few thoughts though.

| edited May 29th: just thought of another function, which I kinda find useful, is that to click the numbers to bring up back to the top of the page. or of course you can add another button, but I fear it might defeat the current clean design.

Personally I put is in bottom right, so it's gonna be handy to be able to jump back to top with a single click, since we have no scroll bar now.

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Sure thing, I can add an option for the background when I get a chance. If you want to go to the top of the page, I recommend using the home button on your keyboard.

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Neat little add-on. I know it's been said before, but some preferences would go a long way. Size and location being the most important, especially since it appears kinda big on my screen and overlaps some scroll bars. Color/opacity would be nice too, though not totally necessary. I really like it though and am definitely looking forward to updates. Serves it's purpose well and highly recommended.

Edit: Wow! After the update, this add-on got really, really awesome! The preference panel feels very polished and well done. There's even pixel horiz/vert shifting. Now that's classy. The only additional thing I can even think of adding would maybe be fade times. Kudos to the dev for taking all the suggestions in stride and delivering!

Edit: Nice! Now the fading is there too. I'm starting to run out of ideas to make it even better, lol. One thing that just came to mind is other ways of representing the progress. Like instead of just percentage, what about decimal/fraction formats? Don't know who'd necessarily want that, but everybody's gotta love options!

Also well worth noting is that even though I didn't get rid of my scrollbar, it's still a nice add-on that I find even more reliable than the bar itself, as it steadily gets smaller and smaller the bigger the page. Just a glance at the number and I've got a pretty good idea of just how much scrolling I'm in for.

Everybody, especially super surfers, should have it :D

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on ( 

I have a new version that lets you control the fade time, but add-on uploads are not working at the moment