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  • Please create this extension for firefox Quantum, this is the best screenshot I have ever used

  • Hi, any plan to update this plugin for Firefox 56, under Add-ons > Extensions it shows Legacy? please advice.

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    Nope, as WebExtension API requires complete rewrite + has many limitations - not worth the effort.
    This addon was always about compatibility..
    Plus FF57 will have it's own native screenshot tool..

  • "FF inernal canvas.drawWindow call failed!"

    After browser update screenshoter didn't make any screenshots and show this error! What can I do?

  • Felicito al creador pero no le doy 5 estrellas porque le falta una cosa que la haría completa. Solo funciona en las páginas web que se visitan, pero, por ejemplo, en las páginas de las opciones del propio navegador no funciona. Hay otras como Lightshot que si lo hacen. Arreglen eso y le daré las 5 estrellas. Saludos.

  • This screenshot addon does everything a screenshot app should do WITHOUT ANY BLOAT. Perectly captures the entire page or just part, and has a configurable button to allow you set options for fast and easy screen capturing. Please keep this addon updated, and thank you for your support.

  • Can we have a new version that works with multiprocess?

  • I'm always using this awesome add-one for capturing screenshots and I'm wonder how amazing is this.

  • Hello Would also be really nice if you could add save as PDF to the option list, As this is such a common and easy portable format.

  • Does not capture whole page as advertised but only visible portion of page. Using FF 41

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    What is OS version, webpage url?
    Did you use content menu option, or shortcut (wrong option)?

  • Ctrl + M
    Ctrl + Alt + M
    or any other key combination does not work anymore after recent mozilla firefox update
    Problem is with any key combination not only with these two?
    OS info: windows 7 ultimate(x86/32Bit), FF- 41.0.1 stable
    Which add-on may interrupt it.
    I disabled it,when re-enabled after few sessions (opening/closing) of firefox key combination started working again and after a day same problem again-key does not responding again!
    Any Suggestion

  • I was looking for a wepage (visible area, full webpage, page selection) screenshot addon that was designed just for Firefox and finally found it. Thanks for this awesome thing. It would be nice to see maybe a simple editor in it someday like we see in native screenshots for LightShot addon https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/lightshot/ :)

    Just one feature request/bug when I do selection I want to select and when I move to edge of window it should scroll the page if the page is scrollable. It currently doesnt scroll if I move to edge. :(

    Also bug 2: When go to context menu and do "Complete Page > Copy" it does only visible portion.

  • a 5 star must have add on for firefox. why dont you you make it for chrome ? i tried all screenshot extension for chrome. no extension comes close of it. thanks, waiting for chrome extension.

  • A really great Screen-Capture = 100%
    Works prefect with Firefox 36.1

  • Set it up to save to predetermined location, then just mash ctrl+alt+m to save visible portion or ctrl+m for whole page. You can change these keys as well if needed. Exactly what I was looking for.

  • i use this add on scince many Montah. It was still goot. But actually doesn't work on Firefox 36 anymore.
    So please update...

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    Fixed in v1.11 - updated for FF36 API changes..

  • Исправно сохраняет скриншот текущей вебстраницы со скроллингом и названием файла согласно названию сайта. Спасибо!

  • Similar to Screengrab! but I like this a bit more. It has better preferences panel. I use both add-ons. Screenshoter for PNG capture and Screengrab for JPG capture. Works at its finest. Thank you very much.

  • Extention conflict with dev tool Ctrl + Shift + K (Dev Console)

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    Changable hotkeys are planned in v1.10 release..

  • Looks promising, please add option to change hotkeys. Hotkey Ctrl+Shift+K not really useful because it so difficult to press all this keys by one hand.

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    Changable hotkeys are planned in v1.10 release..

  • Finally, a simple way to get a png of the whole page!

  • Nice and simple, without bloat. Capture whole page works nicely.

    My only comment is that the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+M clashes with firefox developer mode responsive design view.

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    Yes, hotkey already used, so changed key to Ctrl+Shift+K..

  • Just what i need!

  • I think it is best capture add on I have ever used. 좋아요 good 很不错!

  • Excellent, without any unnecessary bells & whistles.

  • Selected area feature doesn't really work. If you select an area and try to include a section below the screen border, you can't save it because scrolling option doesn't work. In reality this means you can save the visible option. Fix this and I'll increase the stars. Until then, two thumbs down!

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    Scrolling issue has been fixed in v1.09..