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  • Hi there,

    The add on is not working, it is not reading/showing any traffic, please solve it!

    I'm trying to use it on Firefox for Redhat 7 and in a KVM Windows 7 that runs over the same redhat.

    I have just verified that the addon is working fine even with the latest beta version. Have you checked that it is not "paused"?
  • After upgrading firefox 59.0.1, the saml tracer is not loading correctly.
    The tool bar on top is not showing.

    What version of Firefox were you running before the upgrade? Have you updated SAML-tracer as well?
  • Fantastic tool !!!
  • This new add on is a disappointment,

    the scrolling starts and is not responsive in some cause to stop
    there is no way to output the session http, parameter, SAML , at least that I have found
    I had to get special authorities to be able to see the logs as our workplace has images they try to secure
    the icon being on the top corner of browser, doesn't really assist assist since you still have to click on it to have it start, similar to having to go to tools and open. So we gained one click but lost in having to stop filter and auto scroll.
    had to upgrade version of firefox I was using to be able to use

    all in all not happy, like the old version and functionality better it had a five star as opposed to how it is now, it was very user friendly.

    The last version (1.0) was released precisely to make it work with the latest version of Firefox, as with the change in the extension framework the extension stopped working. This means we had to find a compromise solution and remove some functionality in order to have the extension out as soon as possible.

    This was clearly stated in the release notes:

    > SAMLtracer is now compatible with Firefox 57 and later
    > thanks to the contribution of Jan Köhler.
    > It includes a major redesign of the user interface. The ability
    > to import and export traces is missing for the moment, but
    > will be added back as soon as possible.

    That given, it makes absolutely no sense to update Firefox to install this release of the extension, as you are losing functionality and some things are likely to not work. If you weren't using the latest version of Firefox, you should have stayed with it if SAMLtracer was critical to you and you needed the ability to import/export traces.

    Resource filtering and autoscroll is still in place and working, though. Could you clarify what's the problem with those? I'm afraid I don't understand either why you say you needed "special authorities to be able to see the logs"?
  • Although it works now with the new version of Firefox, v57, it lacks the possibility of importing or exporting the trace anymore. Can that be fixed please?
  • Version 1.0 does not work with Firefox version 52.4.1(32 bit). Please help..
  • Happy to have SAML Tracer back with FF 57!
  • I'm only giving three stars this time. Here is why....normally SAML tracer is a 5 star great extension, tremendously useful. BUT with teh new version lacking the ability to import and export.....its completely useless to me now for troubleshooting. I'll revert to an older version but I look forward to the newer update once its fixed. Overall GREAT tool!!
  • This tool is a great help. Please upgrade to make it compatible with latest firefox version 58
  • It needed a better copy and paste, for multiple lines of data, options for what is copied and pasted.
  • This is Addon is not working in the new Version of firefox , Please help :(

    Unfortunately, this is due to the huge changes in the addon framework that happened in the last version of Firefox. Lots of other addons have the same issue.

    In any case, we are working on it and hope to have a new release of SAMLtracer working on Firefox 57 very soon.
  • Love this add-on and have used it quite a bit when working with SAML / ADFS.

    I just wish that it would be updated to work with the latest FF Nightly builds that only support add-ons that are written as WebExtensions and multiprocess compatible.
  • Thank you for this add-on...it's saved me many times.
  • Very useful for general-purpose web service debugging. This tool captures a lot of the information you can get from a protocol analyzer, but SAML tracer is simple and quick.
  • @Bas @Paolo I submitted a patch that has been integrated into the github version that allows the window to be resizable. If you want, you can clone that and install it manually.
  • Great plugin. Very usefull for debugging SAML authentication.

    If the window was resizable, it would be perfect!
  • Excellent addon to debug SAML problems.

    I have one small issues with this addon: it doesn't allow me te resize the tracer window (Firefox 38 on OSX), which makes it quite hard to analyze the traces.
  • At our SAML based federation, we use this plugin extensively to study and debug SAML authentication flows between various IdP's, SP's and our gateway. We also recommend it to our customers, as well as service providers and developers as an insightful way to understand the SAML flow and identify the source of compatibility problems between products. The im/export functionality allows us to help debugging problems that we ourselves are not experiencing. Extremely useful and a huge timesaver.
  • For those that work with SAML this plugin is very helpful, however I can think of a few feature that would make it much better, for example:
    - toolbar icon
    - xml syntax highlighting
    - show only SAML messages
    - export message to xml file
    - ability to specify credentials to validate & decrypt messages
    - mozilla addons validation (loose the experimental status)

    Nevertheless, I still use it alot! =)
  • Tools seems good, although it does not show the decoded SAML AuthnRequest?
  • Very handy add-on that works a bit like LiveHTTPHeaders only it's SAML(2?) aware.
    Makes debugging SAML flows much easier.