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Erik Vold

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Waarom is Restartless Restart gemaakt?

I made this addon because I frequently wanted a restart button for my Gecko applications.

Wat biedt de toekomst voor Restartless Restart

I'll probably add more support for more Gecko applications, and possibly add the functionality to disable more caches during restart, and I may try to make a UI for Fennec at some point, but this is about all that I can think of for this addon.

If you have any more features that you would like to see then please submit then to

Otherwise you can find some of my other projects at:

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Naam Erik Vold
Locatie Vancouver, BC
Gebruiker sinds April 5, 2008
Aantal ontwikkelde add-ons 38 add-ons
Gemiddelde waardering van de add-ons van de ontwikkelaar Waardering 4 van 5 sterren