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Waarom is RequestPolicy gemaakt?

RequestPolicy started so I could scratch an itch. I used NoScript but I also wanted control over cross-site requests. I wanted a tool like RequestPolicy and nobody else had made it. At first I considered it completely separate from my academic activities (I was an undergrad computer science student at the time). However, a PhD student who mentored me at the time encouraged me to make it my first independent research project. I ended up publishing a paper on RequestPolicy at the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium.

Wat biedt de toekomst voor RequestPolicy

After more than two years of off-and-on development, RequestPolicy 1.0 is finally becoming a reality. This is a major rewrite of RequestPolicy which will solve a lot of the shortcomings of the initial version. The new version has a beautiful UI, an efficient and flexible rule system, and a lot of potential to reach a wider audience through an optional default-allow mode.

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Naam Justin Samuel
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Wie is Justin Samuel?

My company, <a href="">FreedomCP</a>, makes a free hosting control panel</a>.<br><br>More about me on Google+