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  • Work

  • Simple and functional - still working as is on Waterfox, of course.

  • manually (T-T)...
    It works very well.^^
    Thank you, Schuzak.

  • Ha sido muy bueno. Desde que lo conocí lo he tenido instalado en todos los sistemas y en todas las máquinas. ¿No se ha actualizado por que ya viene por defecto en Firefox 57 y superior en alguno de los atajos de teclado? ¿Se va a actualizar para el nuevo Navegador? Muchas Gracias.

  • Love it. It's so easy just to click a button to restart firefox and preserve tabs when the memory gets a bit too large instead of having to quit firefox, wait, open firefox, choose "restore tabs" just to get to the same place. Will be glad to donate if you can make it compatible for Firefox Quantum. I downgraded to 56 just so I can continue using this, tabs mix plus and faviconize tabs. I might even jump ship to Waterfox if my favourite add-ons never makes it to firefox Quantum.

  • Please make an update for Quantum. Thank you!

  • But, PLEASE, make this compatible with Web extensions and FF 57+ ...

  • Before version 57 was perfect, but it is not working anymore, any chance of updating it?

  • Great app! Unfortunatly it doesn't work anymore under Firefox Quantum... Couldn't find an alternative extension... Any chance of having it updated?

  • unfortunately incompatible with FF Quantum
    found it very good

  • In FF 56, It no longer reopens the tabs you had open before the restart. Basically, the only reason I need a 'restart' addon in the first place....

  • it works Great!!
    Without this addon, you can not Restart Firefox!
    Thank you very much for this addon :-)

  • I have used this for some time, has always worked well!

    But PLEASE, make this compatible with Web extensions and FF 57+ ...

  • this add-ons maybe useful for refresh or reload entire Firefox.
    still work fine for long time, keep update.

  • FF 56.0 I cannot uninstall this Addon. What the hell is up with that?

  • No longer supported.

  • As title says.

  • Needs to be updated for the 57+ FF

  • Does what it promises wonderfully.

  • add-on is great but the icon irritates me sometimes, any option to customize the icon?

  • This is worth keeping extensions.legacy.enabled turned on for.

    Would you consider adding a menu entry to the Photon hamburger menu? For example: https://pastebin.com/AXN2WqtH

  • It is very simple and useful if you want that feature on your Mozilla. Just add an extra button on the turn off menu as on the third image, not intrusive at all as other that after installing create buttons on the toolbar, etc. Big thanks to the developer.

  • Works on Android as described.

  • Does not preserve open tabs on Android

  • Would you make it compatible with firefox57+?