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  • Works as described, but I really miss the ability to choose color smoothly, i.e not have to click everytime I want to see it change.
  • Genius and user friendly! Great for developing or just to any kind of color picking. Try it once, you wont know what to do without it! ♥
  • Installed this on my Mac some time ago and it's excellent. Now just installed it on my PC (Windows XP SP3 + FF20.0.1 and it works like a charm! Essential piece of kit if designing web sites etc incl. CMS solutions.
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  • We have a shortcut for the INSPECTOR. Now we need other for the PICKER and WEBSITE ANALYZER
  • I have used a number of 'colour pickers' in the past and this one hits the spot square on.
    Simple, fast, lots of options. 10/10
  • This single addon is the main reason I will never switch to Chrome; it has nothing that offers a color-picker that is this good. Very useful addon, recommended for all web designers, artists, etc!
  • i like him
  • Ein Element / Bereich auf der Seite auswählen und dann LIVE mit einer Farbpalette Farben darauf anwenden. Genau was ich gesucht hab. So lassen sich ganz einfach Farben auf einer Webseite für ein bestimmtes Element testen.

    Choose an element an change the color in real time with a color palette.
  • This is probably one of the most useful and beautiful add-ons in the Firefox add-on universe. It is incredibly convenient for anything colour related, be it picking up colour values or setting up a colour database. A Swiss-knife of colours: all colour tools are at our hand in a beautiful and powerful interface. I hope some if not all its capabilities and rationale passes to new web developer tools line of Firefox. Kudos to the developer.
  • Thanks for making this add-on Heather, fantastic work!
  • i love this add-on! as an interior designer its hard to match colors on the computer screen. but with this tool is so simple!
  • 很好用
  • this addons my lifesaver. Before using this addon, I had difficult time choosing the right color theme for my web App. As a developer of Rich Internet Application, now I can easily get the right color to design my web app.
  • This add-on is amazing. I first discovered this add-on when I was typing a letter for school to be sent to administrators. I needed our exact school colors to make sure that the letterhead came out right. For those of you that are in the desktop publishing business, you know how much fun it is when your trying to find the right color in the Microsoft Office color palettes. Since I used Firefox all the time, I figured there was a web tool out there that could find the find the colors on our school website and match them with my letter. To my delight I found Rainbow Color Tools which not only solved my problem but saved those colors for next time I need them. It is as simple as coping the RGB values into office and that's it. The add-ons for Firefox never ceases to amaze me in their sheer numbers and usefulness.
  • I always knew something must be out there. Even so I have for YEARS done screen shots and ported it over to Photoshop to sniff out colors on pages.
    What was I thinking??! Now with this little addon, any time I need to get the hex code for a color....POOFS... one click and I have it. And the addon is FREE!!
    Just like my other fav, Screenshot, between these two I'll never have to do a screen print ever again! NEAT. NEAT. Excellentumundo!
  • the boss!
  • The best color picker addon out there.
  • Hands down the BEST color picker add-on!
  • The best color picker addon ever made!
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    משרד פרסום design
  • This is really usable and nice tool.
  • I found out what is the problem.
    I use the Theme Oxygen KDE 3.6.
    With the standard Theme there is no Problem.
    Would be nice if you can solve the problem.
    Thanks. :-)
  • Great job, excellent tool and simple as well
  • Perfect... Really useful!