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  • Excellent - 10/10. Using it for months I've never had a site break by using this add on. Does not interfere with my other installed addons.
  • Works okay, but it breaks logins for some sites(nexon.com) and extentions (RedditEnhancmentSuite).
  • I've heard/read good things about this add-on, but sadly it has one major fault - when ever it is shut off, I am unable to enable it. The only way to re-enable is to remove the add-on then add it back to Firefox. Also, it becomes disabled for reasons that are unclear. Yes, I've disable it a few times, but currently, it becomes disabled without any action on my part.

    Wish this would be addressed by the developers. Is it something on my end, or does the add-on have a bug?

    I really want to like and use this add-on, but it currently is a moot point.
  • Works a whole lot better than previous add-ons I have tried. Very appreciated!
  • Drudge Report (the fink) had Privacy Possum spinning almost a hundred curtails wanting cookies placed on my browser. Don't know what to say.
  • Open source, no slowing down viewer, no tracking, no broken sites. Takes care of the trackers out there, while being able to see exactly what is being blocked. Simply great add on.
  • I am really impressed with this extension. Since I already was using adblock and Privacy Badger I didnt think that I would need another extension on top of that. But, I was wrong. Privacy Possum works where my other blockers dont work. Now im also able to see in detail what is blocked, and what kind of things some sites try to do in form of tracking.

    Very much appreciated!
  • It bracks https://m.webtoons.com/en/drama/the-weight-of-our-sky/ep-3/comment?title_no=1739&episode_no=3 and other webtoon sites like webtoons.com
    (Sorry for bad en)
  • Kamil Jaszkowiak
  • Sadly breaks many websites, especially websites with redirect pages.