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  • buena
  • What a very good addons ill give perfert star...
  • Infaltable :)
  • doesn't block all popups, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/simple-popup-blocker/?src=api is better
  • thanks
  • Very efficient on pc.. I hope same on Android.
  • Yes, the remember the pop-up blocked will be a great feature to add in the future but for the moment I got rid of all those pop-ups craps I used to have. For those who the addon seems not to work a hint; it used no to be working on my Mozilla Firefox but I restarted factory due to some other problems and the addon started to work one hundred percent. Thanks to the developer.
  • i like everything for the most part, with one exception. certain sites i frequent spam a popup on every click and this blocker should remember the rules and domain of the last blocked popups url request and block without the need of the prompt ever time and the blacklist seems to have no effects.
  • It certainly does what it's supposed to do, and does it well. I enjoy using it.
    Must agree with Mr_Blue_ in that the settings menu needs work. Hence one star less.

    The other missing star is because this is compatible with Firefox Mobile, but the implementation really needs work there. It blocks the popups, all right, but the problem is that you have no easy access (or access *at all*) to the settings; there are no options of any kind in about:addons and, when the popup is blocked, you get no warning (the box with trust/deny/redirect/etc.), which hurts its usefulness. Sure, part of it can be blamed on Firefox Mobile being what it is, but still...

    I'll gladly change the ranting once the concerns are addressed.
  • I reviewed This not so long back saying how could of a popup blocker this actually was. After using it for a few weeks or so, ive noticed that this addon surely needs a decent options menu. Looking for sites in your whitelist is horrible. It takes ages if you have alot, which you will after continuous use. Please make a decent options menu, to be able to edit sites ect. Then it will be a superb popup blocker like i first stated.
    Please add a decent Options menu guys.
  • popups were blocked from the get-go for even links (javascript links that opens windows) i did not need blocked. I uninstalled the addon but the links are still not opening the popup window. Reinstalled my browser but lots of java links on different sites are not working anymore. Need to revert my browser back to before your addon. Im not really asking for help, Im sure i'll figure it out, I just hope this review helps to improve your product
  • I think you need to review your add-on, your ideas are great, but it's not user friendly as enough (my opinion).
  • Just what i was looking from a long time,Thanks
  • i needed this so much
  • i needed this for a long time...
  • é muito bom, sempre uso...
  • Działa,blokuje otwierające się karty,okienka itp. Polecam:)
  • Maybe requires more attention and clicks, but no longer having to close unwanted popups and browser kidnapping ones is really worth it.

    That and because the built in blocker is BAD at its job.