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  • Version 0.2.9 still better and faster than last one.
  • With version 0.3.7 the white page issues with for example Youtube are fixed. Can't reproduce it here anymore.

    Works great again!
  • Youtube won't work with this addon. For so all, I tried to find what was wrong with youtube not loading, it's this addon!. Uninstall and you're good to go.
  • Removed add-on as unable to access YouTube(white blank page)even when disabled on browser!
  • with latest 55.0.x I have only white pages in more sites... pity
  • its useless with openload videos nothing can beat its every-click-popups that means the technique that openload use it could any site use it as well so fix it quickly or you will get a ton of -1 rate!!
  • it worked fine for me until the recent update.. when i go into a youtube live stream, it blocks the live chat window. i cant find a work around except to disable it. turning it off does nothing, and adding youtube to the white list does nothing.
    ill deal with the issue since i actually like this blocker, and im not chatting often on youtube livefor it to be a nuisance to disable, since i dont need to restart the browser, and youtube dont have any popups..

    EDIT : UPDATE !!!! i turned off hardware acceleration from firefox options and went into about:config and turned off webgl. apparently its an issue with my video card. its working fine now.
  • good
  • Good
  • Works with multi process Firefox. Gives you full control of what it blocks.
  • For example, this vid streaming site keeps creating popup windows which can't be blocked by this add-on: https://fmovies.is/
  • certainly can not block popups of openload.co
  • Good
  • It doesn't appear anywhere in the UI.
  • Popup blocker strict blocks many popups, but not all. There are some sites where advertisers have figured out ways to get past most popup blockers. Specifically on the test page Method 14/1, 14/2, and 17/1 goes through the popup blocker (I am using Firefox Developer Edition). Then on the settings page the checkboxes for the options are missing. Also clicking on the addons icon should not just turn it on and off, but bring up a menu to get to the settings page, disable for certain sites, enable, disable, and other options. It should remember settings for certain sites and there should be the ability to white or black list sites by clicking on the icon.
  • .........................................
  • needs a setting to remember blocked sites
  • Cool
  • buena
  • What a very good addons ill give perfert star...