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  • Sembra proprio fare il suo dovere,grazie tante
  • DOES NOT block the nastier popup windows, the whole reason you have a popup blocker...doh
    Certainly NOT (Strict)
  • nice blocks all the stupid adds
  • not working in any way i can see. (cant tell if its on or off.)
  • Doesn't work.
  • Danke
  • Doesn't work. I installed it, restarted Firefox, opened a web-page only to immediately get a pop-up ad.
  • As others have said, it doesn't work. Pretty poor for a Featured Extension.
  • does not work. has many problems
  • not working well with containers (often opens in non container tab, sometimes get option to open in specific container); unable to trust and open in background;
  • After installing weblinks didn't work on major websites like CNN and ESPN.
  • I feel relaxed working with firefox now. Of course some functionalities like trust button does not work to trust needed websites. I have to disable it while working with some websites.
  • It's great. Just like every other add ons made by this guy.
  • Version 0.2.9 still better and faster than last one.
  • With version 0.3.7 the white page issues with for example Youtube are fixed. Can't reproduce it here anymore.

    Works great again!
  • Youtube won't work with this addon. For so all, I tried to find what was wrong with youtube not loading, it's this addon!. Uninstall and you're good to go.
  • Removed add-on as unable to access YouTube(white blank page)even when disabled on browser!
  • with latest 55.0.x I have only white pages in more sites... pity
  • its useless with openload videos nothing can beat its every-click-popups that means the technique that openload use it could any site use it as well so fix it quickly or you will get a ton of -1 rate!!
  • it worked fine for me until the recent update.. when i go into a youtube live stream, it blocks the live chat window. i cant find a work around except to disable it. turning it off does nothing, and adding youtube to the white list does nothing.
    ill deal with the issue since i actually like this blocker, and im not chatting often on youtube livefor it to be a nuisance to disable, since i dont need to restart the browser, and youtube dont have any popups..

    EDIT : UPDATE !!!! i turned off hardware acceleration from firefox options and went into about:config and turned off webgl. apparently its an issue with my video card. its working fine now.
  • good