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  • Very good Blocker and a good extension for uBlock to block everything. Block nearly everything, also stubborn pop-ups, which come through ublock and the normal firefox Block.

    Good Job Jeremy!
  • Blocks popups and shows a message if you want to open it or not! Great, no popups without permission!
  • This is a really handy add-on, sometimes I accidentally open a new link and this will stop the link from opening without my approval. Excellent pop up blocker 5/5
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  • This is great one but I have one complain !

    Default action when a popup action requested ........................
    The previous control option doesn't work. only "Do nothing" option is working and the others not.

    Note: I am using firefox
  • Best Application
  • Super Dooper product. One of the BEST!
  • HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. I installed this to block pop-ups and instead "MY quick converter" has taken over my computer! Now I have to figure out how to uninstall all this crap. I thought this would be a trustworthy Firefox add-on. It is NOT!
  • Solo con questa estensione si riesce davvero a bloccare ogni tipo di popup o redirect
  • This addon is a god-send. Websites have become a uncontrollable arena that doesn't allow the user any rights as to what happens. The code from a site causes browsers to slow down with all the crap it is trying to do that users don't need or want. This addon takes back that control and forces browsers to do what a user wants and not what the crappy code on the website says to do. I don't know how you can surf the internet without this addon.
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  • Top, works 100%! BIG THX :)
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