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  • after last update, doesn't work correctly
    used to be the the best, now worthless on most sites. please correct!
    had to re-install version 0.4.2
  • Ohh yes,it works great!
  • after the update works incorrectly
    shows an incomprehensible page on the livejourmal.com


    impossible to show this page.
  • Pales beside Pop-up Controller.
    Pop-up Controller was a click-on-click-off (toggle) Extension that just worked and worked just that simply--click on, click off. No opening a menu every time one wishes to block or unblock a pop-up. On some sites, pop-ups have to be allowed in order to download applications, updates, firmware, etc. Popup Blocker (strict) is just too much of a hassle compared to Pop-up Controller. Unfortunately, Pop-up Controller won't work with the newer versions of Firefox; so, in moving forward, we are forced to take a step backward.

    Modify Popup Blocker (strict) to it as simple to use as Pop-up Controller, with the toggle on/off option, and maybe I'll use Popup Blocker (strict).
  • does what its supposed to!
  • Very good, however, it does not remember when you deny a popup. This is very annoying. Please advise. Thanks
  • Saves you a lot of nerves when browsing the web.
  • good
  • Its work Fine but not 100% perfect and i like to use, sometime when i open more than 10 page this extension is not working right.
  • It allows me to be the man, my lady friends ask for, and have come to expect.Since i am dying, idid not think i could continue with google breathing down every users neck, i welcome such s site as you to carry on the freedom torch for all us Americans
  • Best popup blocker on earth !
  • Fascinante