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  • Kamil Jaszkowiak
  • A big crap! It is not the most efficient and is extremely boring and dumb. Don't keep your options. The "Popup Blocker Ultimate" is much better.
  • Muy buen complemento. Me bloquea hasta las ventanas de algunas páginas que, con frecuencia, se saltan los bloqueos de popups del navegador. Y hasta eso, da opciones para abrir o denegar la apertura de la ventana. Muy bueno.
  • This is very helpful, and really cleans up my screen. It stops those I have blocked. My main request: when i have blocked one, simply stop repeated attempts by the same popup rather than asking me again and again.
  • Popup Blocker (strict): Pop-up blocker that actually works. Has nice, neat options in preferences tab.
  • Funktioniert leider überhaupt nicht.
  • I have tried several blockers but this actually stops the pop up before it happens.