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  • works very well
  • worked for me. thank you!
  • Installed to block one nasty site. It failed. Otherwise was working as expected until I found that it blocked my banking website. Despite whitelisting the domain (citi.com) and everything else I could try, the only recourse was to disable the add-on.
  • Trying to use Firefox in lieu of Google. I'm an FNG.
  • Works really well most times, actually, but sometimes, when I really need a pop-up to open (MS Office online, secure payments, etc.) and I turn off the blocker (icon greys out), it still blocks the pop-up. It's really annoying having to go to the plugin manager and disable the blocker, do my thing and then having to enable it again.
  • Kamil Jaszkowiak
  • Muy buen complemento. Me bloquea hasta las ventanas de algunas páginas que, con frecuencia, se saltan los bloqueos de popups del navegador. Y hasta eso, da opciones para abrir o denegar la apertura de la ventana. Muy bueno.