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  • تبارك الله ما شاء الله الثيم مررررة روعة
    Great theme (*^_^*)
    Please make it compatible with FF18
  • so sutee...but unfortunaly not complatible with my firefox 8.0 :(
  • Lovely theme! I Was using it until yesterday. Now I have Firefox 4 and it's incompatible. Hope this theme soon will be updated so I can use it again.
  • work in 3.6.14_______installed on 3 march 2011____i like the changes right click color context menu
  • The style of this theme is amazing. You should definitely make another theme using this style that is customizable. Colours etc.
  • nice theme~~~
  • I absolutely ADORE this theme! I'm new to Firefox and decided I'd take advantage of the ability to make it cute and this is just what I was looking for! I love everything about it! 5 Stars!
  • SOO cute i love it ive been trying to make everything on my computer cute for a long time and this is finally what i needed thank you i love it! :)
  • Love it! My laptop has some beautiful flair now! The scroll bar, browser window, and buttons are a delightful shade of pink!
    ♥ Emma
  • HELP! I NEED this theme, but I have it's for an older version of firefox than the one I have. I've even tried to downgrade but I can't. Please please please make this available for more recent versions!
  • my mom had breast cancer,and had her breast removed! thanks for helping people with support!
  • Beautiful, thank you for an awesome colour and also supporting such a good cause
  • LOVE IT!!

    Would love it for Thunderbird too.... pleasssse??? =)
  • pretty cool... i like pink colour
  • it clean and easy to use and i LUV IT! ;D
    luv the color pink also!
  • love the color, love the cause what else do u need!!!
  • Great way for support!
  • Nice, clean, easy to read and PINK!
  • nice
  • While it is a nice theme, if you have a look at the ribbon colour, it's not the right colour pink.
  • My favorite theme. Love it!
  • I really like this!!! And for the ones that have cancer...Keep moving forward!!! =)
  • Extremely well made for colors that are so hard to work with.

    I had colon cancer though so I can't relate much. Perhaps you could make a Brown Hope? :-D
  • Having had breast cancer I look for things like this and this is absolutely beautifully created.
  • i lovee it, please make one for the new firefox i dont want to updatebecause i know its not compatable and i dont wanna lose the theme!!! =(