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  • FF68: We really need this and thanks for your efforts. Unfortunately it doesn't work with javascript links, i.e. will create a blank tab but will not download associated file. When this addon is disabled, the save dialog is presented on clicking the link, as expected. So cannot really use this. Is it a simple fix?
  • Does exactly what's supposed to do.
  • the plugin is great!
  • Thank you very much for this great add-on! If it is possible, I would like to ask to include an option to make a list of websites where "open all links in new tab" wouldn't "open all links in new tab". Works completely perfect otherwise!
  • Worked fine earleir, but does not work at all anymore with Firefox 64.
  • It works with the latest release of Firefox, however it works only 50% of what I expected. What I want is when I clicked a link in google search result, I want it to open the link in new tab and loads that new tab in the background AND it must stay in the same page because every time I always open 4-5 links at the time when google gave me the search results and that I don't want to wait for new tabs to loads in front of me because my internet is slow and I can't do anything while the new tab is loading, but this extension just open new tab and switch to it immediately with a blank page and the page just keep loading blank... which is a bit annoying to me.
  • Simply doesn't work on Firefox version 63.0.3 | Windows 10. I have it set to "Open all links with tabs" (although I've tried every option), and links still open in the same tab.
  • Very useful app, although -1 star for missing features. Please consider adding an icon for the address bar where the user can choose between the settings which are updated with a "Save settings" button or once the current tab is reloaded. So far, the user has to go to the preferences menu, change the settings and restart the browser for them to take effect. You could also add a list for which the user can specify websites where every link is opened in a new tab while non-listed websites act on the initial Firefox setting.
  • Please add an option that makes these new tabs to be opened in background.
  • Blocking bank pages that open java I think. Works great for everything else. Pisses me off that we can't open everything on a new tab anymore in Firefox. Getting ready to hang up the browser I used for many years because all they do is disable more and more.
  • This addon does not seem to work in version 61.0.1 (64-bit) of Firefox. Clicking a link caused the new page to open in THE SAME tab.
  • I don't think this add on is working for me! Any advice? Also, The only three options are confusing and not really explained. Leave it as Firefox sets, means the same as disabled to me. The others need better descriptions.
    I just want the toolbar to open in new tabs. How?
  • useless, dont opens java links, etc.
  • doesnt work !!

    thats it

    does not work......
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