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The problem with losing all data in the Firefox version of OneTab is still not resolved. First reported in October 2014, acknowledged in November, and again in December 2014. Use it at your peril. Do you really want to lose all 200 - 6000 of your precious bookmarks?

As of June 2015 more than half the reviews since the storage error began (October 2014) are one star with no restore option available to any of these users.

I cannot recommend that you use OneTab in Firefox, UNLESS you implement some regular manual or automatic backup of the data storage file which OneTab uses to store your bookmarks.

This file is called store.json, however there are multiple other versions of it used by other extensions and Firefox itself. Once you locate the correct store.json file you can simply manually copy it to your desktop or somewhere equally handy on regular basis. Before taking a copy you must first ensure that you check that you are copying a populated version of the file and not a blank copy, otherwise you may lose your previous backup. To check if the file is populated or not, just right click and view properties, if the size is greater than a few KB then it is populated. Mine is approximately 100KB for 500+ bookmarks grouped into about 40 groups.

There are other ways to back up this data. Anything that saves your entire profile should also save this store.json file, since it is stored within the profile data area.

The location of the file directly after closing the Firefox profile containing OneTab is:-

'currentuser'/AppData/Roaming/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/'newest profile date modifed folder'/jetpack/

The Good: the UI is excellent and useable. Fonts are also excellent and clear. If OneTab were dependable it would be one of the best extensions available. As it is I am exploring other options.

The Bad: Once the number of bookmarks exceed about 200, the entire process slows down to a snail's pace. It can take up to 30 seconds for a right-click menu to appear with OneTab installed and a large list of bookmarks, whereas right-click is instantaneous with a blank file or with OneTab uninstalled.

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Hi, thanks for a very thoughtful writeup. We are close to a solution as part of a big rewrite of this extension that is taking longer than expected.

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Lost all my tabs, this time for good! This is the 3rd time this has happened. This app is awful. Don't trust it, you will lose everything. Blaming a bug on software isn't good enough!

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Intuitive, elegant, lightweight. Much smarter and more powerful way to reduce memory-usage than tab-suspenders. GREAT.

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OneTab seems to be ok, till now no negative experience with loosing tabs.

However I would have preferred another way of working / activating the functions : instead of immediate execution when the Icon is clicked, having the context menu-options which now become available when right-clicking in the window.

As it is now, by error clicking can happen, resulting in everything moved into OneTab. I know, one can restore, but the tab-history is lost.

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Flush everything that I got many time.

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Really good extension.

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Lifesaver app. Without it, Firefox would have went in a halt completely.

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tried to restore single tabs and found they lost their individual history.
tried to restore them all in one click and only a couple of my tabs restored, no history, the others are lost and the onetab list is now empty
good i have session manager ext to recuperate

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A big list got lost just after restarting Firefox, this is unacceptable

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For Excelent Team Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

please can you add tabs to your onetabe for fast access to options at the same page
2- add right or left sidebar contain fast category access or fast archive access ( you know that this add-on help me a lot and if you make it stronger you will help a lot of users , please imagine your add-on as a strong program and Improve it)

Very powerful add-on , that can help you to organize your self , help you to make firefox browser faster cause the more tabs you open the more RAM you will use "observe tabs take a lot of RAM size" , another beautiful thing that you can make a fast categories to be used such as Emails accounts , social accounts , etc

thank you thank you thank you

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Love the idea behind the tech & it's great, but I've lost tabs twice now in Firefox. Wrote in to request assistance restoring & haven't had a response for two weeks. They say a new version is coming that fixes the bug but is there an ETA?

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Not reliable. I already lost saved links with this addon several times...

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OneTab lost ALL my tabs for the 3rd time. I tried restoring from previous versions of store.json, going back 2 weeks, and THAT didn't work. I know my tabs have been there and accessible in the last two weeks, so clearly OneTab isn't saving them correctly.

This add-on is less the useless, it's harmful.

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So far, so good. Does what I want, when I want it and how I want it.
The features are just rich enough without being bloated or complicated. The options are spot-on for and everything I wondered about is covered in a great help section that other add-ons should envy!
I see, and understand, the shock of others who have lost tabs they thought were saved, but I'm very happy with the heartening response of the makers of this add-on. They plan to continue to improve and update this one to make it even better!

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i highly suggest you use this addon only for saving huge amount of tabs & in combination with the mozilla firefox addon "SessionManager". (i'm not advertising last said addon. i just want to take care of you & your links.)

It seems this addon "OneTab" never creates backups automatically nor there's a successful workarround to recover lost links (in most cases, including version 1.9). that said, it even wouldn't be that bad if "OneTab" would never suffer from losing links, but like reviews from the past & now show, it's opposite. in my case, i added "OneTab" in February 2015 & today (April 2015) i realized that the "OneTab" tab didn't show over 1.000 links like i had before, but 0. let me repeat: "OneTab" suddenly was completely empty. apparently, next step was to visit the reviews site from this addon, this website. but the only solution to recover lost links was about a recovery of a single file called "store.json" by right clicking it, left clicking properties & let windows search for older versions. but as i never had such a function in windows, i guess this only works when your whole system is on a server like it's often the case on work - but not at home...
so to come back to 'Why?':
because when you suddenly lose your links on "OneTab" they are gone! simple like that! which brings us to:

how to use said addon "SessionManager" with this addon "OneTab"?
quite easy! just install both addons first. then, before you place all your tabs inside "OneTab" use "SessionManager" to save all current tabs into a file on your local drive. this file can be loaded with "SessionManager" at a later date whenever you want. store it to a safe place & if you want, just deactivate "SessionManager" to keep amount of active addons as low as possible. now put all tabs inside "OneTab" & don't add further links. after some time, if you have too much tabs again, enable "SessionManager" & save another file to your local drive. keep the old session files!
if - or should i say when - the day of doom knocks at your door & tells you that you've lost all linked tabs from "OneTab", simply reactivate "SessionManager" & load all the linked tabs you stored once. this way you can load all your sessions, one after the other, and add them one by one to "OneTab" again.
this addon saved my life today, because back in february, i did exactly the same i have written above: right before using "OneTab", i saved a session with "SessionManager" just to be sure & after creating the "OneTab" tab with all the links, i never again added links.


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Just registered to rating this addon 1 star. Lost all my pages for four time. Windows Restore solution doesn't work. Don't be a fool like me.

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Really annoying, this is the second time one tab has opened up completely empty! I thought it was something I had done but it opens up for weeks at a time, all tabs remain then when you relax and stop saving your tabs in your bookmarks, Onetab decides to mess about again and deletes the whole lot!!

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OneTab's features are perfect for managing a large number of tabs that have to be open for several days. I haven't had any problem with disappearing tabs. The "export tab" feature displays a list of the URLs of the tab. It can be copied and pasted into a regular text file for extra backup.