Northern Sotho (Sesotho sa Leboa/Sepedi) Language Pack-versiegeschiedenis

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Versie 26.0 364.8 KiB Werkt met Firefox 26.0 - 26.0.*

Versie 25.0 358.1 KiB Werkt met Firefox 25.0 - 25.0.*

Versie 24.0 352.8 KiB Werkt met Firefox 24.0 - 24.0.*

Versie 23.0 348.8 KiB Werkt met Firefox 23.0 - 23.0.*

Versie 22.0 340.2 KiB Werkt met Firefox 22.0 - 22.0.*

Versie 21.0 342.6 KiB Werkt met Firefox 21.0 - 21.0.*

Versie 20.0 324.3 KiB Werkt met Firefox 20.0 - 20.0.*

Versie 19.0 316.6 KiB Werkt met Firefox 19.0 - 19.0.*

Versie 18.0 311.6 KiB Werkt met Firefox 18.0 - 18.0.*

Versie 4.0 244.0 KiB Werkt met Firefox 4.0 - 8.*

Firefox 4.0 language pack for Northern Sotho. These are the same Northern Sotho translations available in the full download of Mozilla Firefox Northern Sotho made available as a language pack so that you can install Northern Sotho on top of an existing language build.

If you don't already have it, please install the language switcher.

Once both are installed you will need to go to the Tools -> Languages menu and change your language to Northern Sotho.

Versie 3.5 119.0 KiB Werkt met Firefox 3.6 - 3.6.*

This is a major translation update for the Northern Sotho language pack for Firefox. A team from has been updating translations to get all user facing text up to expected quality levels.

The work started with a review of terminology used throughout Firefox. Then commenced the review of existing translations and translation of new texts. Fixing critical errors highlighted by our quality checks was the last step. The language pack has been in a limited beta to check for technical errors.

Versie 3.5b4 121.0 KiB Werkt met Firefox 3.6 - 3.6.*

This is a testing build of the Northern Sotho language pack. We're at 37% localised with all key areas in Northern Sotho.

Versie 148.0 KiB Werkt met Firefox 2.0 - 2.0.0.*

Update from Firefox 1.5. There will be translations missing for settings dialogues and HTML error messages.