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Versie 4.7 24.9 kB Werkt met Firefox 35.0 en hoger, Thunderbird 35.0 en hoger

FEATURE: The panel is now re-sizable and the panel content accessibility was improved for touch screens.
FEATURE: The panel is now non-auto-hiding by default and is less opaque when the containing window is inactive.
FIX: Quickly opening many Firefox windows no more leads to initialization failure.
FIX: The extension links in the panel footer now also work in Thunderbird.
FIX: The toolbar icon now shows the extension state using a change in shape rather than a change in color only.

Versie 4.6 21.6 kB Werkt met Firefox 35.0 en hoger, Thunderbird 35.0 en hoger

FIX: Start-up is now more reliable, for example when quickly opening multiple windows.
FIX: Context menu items are now created only when a menu is shown (this also prevents the XUL overlay from failing).
FIX: The panel background was made transparent to prevent a paint bug with 100% CPU upon resize.
FIX: The outdated extension preferences branch is now removed directly after upgrading (and no more after uninstallation).