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  • In Firefox 68 Nightly, LastPass left loading pages 4x slower, I tested all the addons I have and yes, the problem is LastPass.
  • Ive been using this app for years, Great app thank you.
  • This is a great tool that allows me the freedom of having my passwords in one place and knowing that it is secure. Great tool
  • Werkt plotseling niet meer onder Firefox. Krijg het niet meer aan de praat.
  • While I still consider LastPass to be a decently good program, I have also had to deal with multiple issues here and there. While the issues definitely deter most password thieves, it makes it very difficult to use efficiently. Also, could never get their support team to email me back. I heard much was better before LogMeIn bought out LastPass. Since, I have switched to KeePassX, and I love it!
  • It won't let me log in to my lastpass account. Whenever I try, it just sits there loading forever.
  • The best password manager.