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I was a little irritated at first when i got this extension. When i read some of the FAQ/HELP on the add-on, i was lead to believe that this add-ons breaks/cracks your password database, siting text that reads "See how easy it was for LastPass**** to get your stored data" and "Firefox's password storage is weak". This is simply not true; as far as i know, the stored passwords are protected by encryption, and this code is released by Mozilla to trusted individuals for specific purposes... such as creating an extension. However, there are appz out there that can attack/crack your stored passwords and tell you what they are if you "lose" your master password -- but really these are illegitimate programs. So, really, its a moot point... And they still haven't explained to me WHAT encryption they use... Just that the US Gov uses it. I'm assuming AES which is very tight.

Also, the UI is a little choppy... Sometimes it's a little hard to navigate your way around the options and set your preferences... and I STILL can not create 2 identities and have 2 lists of sites for each identity. (for example one for me and one for my wife)... switching the identities lets me log into the some of the same sites with different log-ins and vice verse...

However, over looking these 2 hiccups, this is an add-on everyone needs. There is a simple fact that a majority of passwords that users create are simply not that strong... they are typical and predictable (pets names, dates, etc.) and the passwords users need to create to protect themselves are burdensome to remember (like: dA53Bve2oa). Doing this for every site is not possible... Enter LastPass

This extensions lets user create the STRONGEST, 'unbreakable' passwords, and manages them tightly... No one, even yourself has to know ANY of your passwords, just one master one (and you better make that one strong) and your login details are sent encyrpted, then sent over SSL (Double Encrypted). they are held remotely in an encypted form, so even if someone hacked their servers... The data they receive from the heist is useless without the (your) master password.

Its very secure.

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (1.51).