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  • Used to be great but since Quantum only works 50% of the time. Lots of forms won't automatically fill in so i have to open the site and copy and paste the details out of there. There's also always error messages in the addon

  • Plus : very good manager with many options
    Min : Premium expensive and free mobile app only 10 sites

  • Worked fine on previous versions of Firefox. Now I keep getting error messages trying update passwords, will not let me log in.

  • This extension is no longer supported on Firefox for Android.

    But instead of saying that, they leave the extension able to be downloaded, and just let users figure that out for themselves.

  • Available on every computer. A wonderful add-on

  • It is relatively easy to use after the initial setup. I also like the portability across many laptops, android devices and different browsers. Some of the extra features get cumbersome to setup like credit cards and passport updates.

  • All of a sudden it keeps saying "An error occurred while logging into LastPass. Please check your Internet connection." Now I can't access any of my passwords using a browser. The browser addon is shit.

  • Works great!!!!

    Only 1 request, when asked to add to LastPass Vault, allow choosing a folder!

    It would be very helpful

  • Not working on Firefox Quantum 60.0.2.

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  • Easy to use. Prompts for saving new passwords. One robust password to remember.

  • BUGS, bugs everywhere. Terrible piece of software

  • It's fantastic.

  • Не работает на мобильной версии Firefox ... точнее работает, но можно хоть сто раз ввести логин/пароль/код и оно все-равно вас не авторизует - молодцы разрабы, уважаю (:

  • In the last year, LastPass has become a huge hassle to use. They've modified their site programming and now lots of it doesn't display properly in my Firefox 60.0.2 browser. The popup boxes don't resize and get cutoff. Same happens on some of the webpages on the website. The entire UI is asinine and childish. Same goes for the Firefox plugin site, but it's not quite as bad.

  • Cannot log in. The addon installs fine but when I go to log in the extension just closes and the icon stays grey.

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  • In linux I am having a major problem to where when ever I click on the master password to login the box immediately closes. I have found no way to login now. Using firefox 60.0.2

    In windows I have also been having problems where I click on copy password and nothing happens. I have then go open each account within lastpast, copy the password and then copy it over manually.

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  • Over the last months, I have been experiencing more and more problems with LastPass on Firefox. It has gotten progressively worse. Despite uninstalling and following not very helpful directions from LastPass -- I have not found their support helpful at all. Now it will not work at all on Firefox. Works fine on Chrome, howver.

  • still no work with android Firefox 60

  • Can't copy a generated password, doesn't fill in generated passwords when told to "use password," no form fill function, have to add sites manually. And for this they charged me $24 a year.

  • I use this extension daily. However, I have trouble starting it with Firefox. Seems to blocked somehow and I am unable to fix it. Works great after I log in, but I have to log in every time I start FF.

  • I've been using LastPass for a long time.

    Recently in Firefox MacOSX, a number of sites don't fill at all, and I am unable to copy username or password without going to the actual record in LastPass.

    On a number of sites, it adds characters to the password and as I cannot simply copy the password, I have to open the record in a new tab or window then copy the password. I've had enough for now, going to use a competitor until they get this straightened out.

  • It works for me.