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Czasem na linuksach wyświetli dodatkową kartę przy starcie, powiadomienia potrafią denerwować i setki razy potrafi pytać się o zapisanie jednego hasła … ale mimo wszystko jest to niezastąpiony dodatek do Firefoksa i Pale Moon (w tym ostatnim polecam przedostatnią wersję → ostatnia nie jest przetłumaczona na polski).

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Perfekte Lösung für die Passwortverwaltung in FireFox für KeePass User!

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great tool Waardering 4 van 5 sterren

great tool, use it every day! the pop up reminders get annoying but it was easy to turn them off

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Useless on Linux

Very helpful Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

It is very convenient and easy to use

Secure, easy to use and private. Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

The most practical Firefox plug-in for the most secure, reliable and private password manager out there, Keepass. Don't believe in any proprietary software to manage our passwords and other private information. To protect your privacy, only use open source software like this one.

Simple, effective, terrific Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

Really easy to use and provides great security for your passwords. Highly Recommended.

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Muy útil para usar con Keepass en Windows y Fedora.

Pretty good extension and still improving Waardering 4 van 5 sterren

I've been using KeeFox for about 5 months now, and version 1.6 is a lot better than the previous one. It handles detecting and saving passwords with about the same accuracy as Firefox's native password manager, but with the addition of many more powerful options (and of course takes advantage of KeePass' superior encryption and portability).

The popup interface can be a bit fiddly sometimes, depending on where your window is and what contents it wants to display, but it generally does the right thing for day-to-day password filling. When it doesn't, it's quite simple to reconfigure via the KeePass options for the relevant password entry. For instance, using the same credentials for multiple subdomains or production/testing is very easy. Adding the favicon of the website to new entries is a nice touch too.

When I've needed to report bugs and minor issues via GitHub, Luckyrat has always responded to them within a few days, so I'm confident the extension is going to keep improving over time.

KeeFox is a superb way to bring KeePass and Firefox together Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

Installing KeeFox seems daunting at first but is actually quite easy in practice and then using it is so much faster than my previous method of opening KeePass to double-click on username, paste, password, paste. As time goes by all the pages you log into are automatically filled in and are as secure as the old method, but much faster and more flexible to use.

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Takes a little to get setup, seems to work well so far. Needs the option to create new groups when adding entries.

Нормальний мод. Waardering 4 van 5 sterren

Мінус 1 зірочка тому, що інколи настійливо з'являється вікно з пропозицією зберегти чи то вставити пароль, я в опціях щось відключав але не допомогло. Спробував мод для хрома, там мені здалось краще реалізовано. Але мій основний браузер firefox тому користуюсь тим що є.

Very handy Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

Firefox integration for KeePass. Just Works.
Many useful functions for adding / viewing and saving Passwords.
12 out of 10 Points.

Wonderful plugin Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

So useful ! Maybe a bit complex at first glance but really does the job. Thank you ;)

Irreplaceable assistant to the house and at work. Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

Excellent, convenient, multipurpose and necessary element of work on the Internet and out of him.

Exactly what I need Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

I was looking for a proper alternative to LastPass. KeePass together with KeeFox is perfect and works without problems for me.

Interesting soft, annoying nagware Waardering 1 van 5 sterren

With each FF start, KeeFox asks for review. So, here is mine: one star for annoying popup begging for review, which cannot be disabled (settings for Keefox are reset with each FF start).

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Works just like it should and seems secure.

During a couple of years of use, it has stopped working once or twice after upgrades (of Firefox, Keepass2 or some Linux library) so it might not be an Keefox issue at all. Somehow I got it fixed.

Extension indispensable Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

A l'heure où l'on court après un pouillième de seconde sur le dos des processeurs, des cartes-mères ou autres composants d'un ordi, il serait bon de comptabiliser le nombre d'heures perdues à rechercher ses mots de passe que permet d'éviter Keefox, et ce de manière simple, rapide et efficace.

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