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  • It works perfectly on Mozilla 57.
  • Option to open the result Tab in Foreground (v2.2)
    thank you so much. perfect add-on!
    Which version did you try?
    Please post all support questions to the support page.

    Update: v2.0 I tested all its functions with FF54.0b6 and there were no errors.

    Connection error relates to internet connection.
  • Works perfectly. Is the first one I have seen with an ability to search local images. Thank you developer.

    Please consider adding e10s compatibility.
    Thank you. The e10s versionwill be done.
  • Excellent and efficient !
  • Works great!
    Does exactly what is stated.
    Great addon that is very helpful when needed.
    I like that it is restartless.
    Thanks so much webdeveloper !
  • Nice add-on
    Please add option to open background tab
  • Работает без проблем, но иконку контекстного меню нужно сменить, чтобы обозначить поиск именно изображений, а не просто Google.