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  • Great little addon, but I tried out FF 42 Beta1 today, and this addon doesn't work with it. Hope it's an easy fix. Love the little icon options!
  • This is the kind of little thing that's useful to those that place a certain importance on looks in general, in this case their browser's looks in particular, while the others will likely just shrug and consider it silly. Since it's that first group that's the target market for something like this, I would suggest adding a couple more of the same type of eye candy into this extension. Reasoning is this : the people who like their eye candy are likely also the people who tend to keep their extensions and plugins tidy, i.e.  trimmed to only the essential ones, and I can see how an extension that offers to change one little corner icon and nothing else could make some of those people hesitate and maybe reconsider whether it's really worthwhile. That's the only justification for my 4★ ( instead of 5★) rating—a couple more bells and whistles and it's a 5★ no-brainer : attractive and simple, without a boatload of options.

    Actually make that 4½★ ( +½★ for the hamburger ) :^>
  • Niiiiice.
    Needs more options though. Like changing colour of the outline, for example.

    But it would be even better if this was a part of Classic Theme Restorer.
  • Made just the way that I like it :)
  • And the Iconic Firefox Menu add-on provided.
  • Still works in FF 25. Personal preference tho is not to have the transparency parts shadowed by default, so changed your menu-overlay.css to suit, making it fully transparent till hovered over, just like other icons. Only needed lines 8, 9 and 11 changed

    rgba(0,0,0,.15) 25%,
    rgba(0,0,0,0.3) 50%) !important;
    box-shadow: 0 0 4px rgba(0,0,0,.25) inset !important;
    rgba(0,0,0,.00) 25%,
    rgba(0,0,0,0.0) 50%) !important;
    box-shadow: 0 0 4px rgba(0,0,0,.00) inset !important;

    btw of the two menu icon mover addons, 'Movable Firefox Button' and 'UI Fixer', MFB works better with this. UI Fixers not bad, its just not designed with the specific coodinates Iconic Firefox Menu uses. eg ive made a replacement skin for personal thats 8 pixels larger and reduced the bottom buffer to 0, and UI Fixer handles that better, perhaps cause i designed it with UI Fixer installed
  • Es justo lo que yo estaba buscando, aunque me gustaría que se pudiese cambiar el color del botón o combinarlo con el addon "App button color". ¡Eso sería genial!
  • This is the first add-on that I add on a new install. I wish that the author would create one with a Pale Moon icon. I have created my own and it looks very good.
  • Awesome. Love it. Best space saving add-on as it saves a whole bar on your screen. Should be included as standard option.

    Only suggestion is that it should now turn the orange part of the symbol purple when you open a private browsing window. The same way the original button does.

    Still gets 5 stars for what it is.
  • This should be included by default in firefox. I would giver it 5* if you add some customization options to it.

    For now you can modify the add-on going to your profile folder editing the css or png file like they said in the previous coments.
  • Excellent, was looking for some add-on to replace that horrible, default, firefox button. Although it could do with a little bit of vertical trimming...
  • Glad I found it.
  • First, let me thank the Dev for making a great little add-on. I hope he doesn't get mad, but I see a lot of people asking about changing the icon or making the background transparent, so I thought I might chime in.

    1) Install the add-on & restart firefox.
    2) Disable the add-on via the add-on menu & restart firefox and then close firefox.
    3) Select the firefox tab -> Help -> Troubleshooting Information. This will open a tab. Select "Open Containing Folder" This should open your firefox profile folder in Windows.
    4) Open the "extensions" folder. All your add-ons & themes for the most part are named some random string... This add-on however, starts with "firefox-menu-icon@...xpi", alternatively you can also find the most recently created file in this folder, as it should be the add-on you just downloaded.
    5) Copy the .xpi file somewhere you can work on it, like your desktop, and change the file extension to .zip
    6) Open the .zip file with something like winrar (preferably) or winzip, etc.
    7) The icon used with this add-on is labeled "default22.png" and is 22x22 in size. Choose a icon of your liking, re-size it, re-name it to match, and drag and drop into the .zip file. Make sure you choose to replace the file already in the .zip and also choose STORE as the compression method (you do NOT want to compress these files if you are replacing them in the .zip).
    8) Once you're finished, change the file extension back to a .xpi
    9) Open firefox, open the add-on manager, choose "Install add-on from file" and navigate to the file on your desktop or where ever the one you just edited is at. Once installed, enable it and restart firefox... should be changed and good to go.

    These directions pertain to changing the background color/transparency are require a little more knowledge (First six steps are the same as above):

    7) Unzip "menu-overlay.css" file and open it with your editor of choice (Notepad is default, I like Notepad++).
    8) The main lines of interest are the "background-image: -moz-linear-gradient" rgba color codes & transparency percentages under
    Change to your preference of color (changing them all to 0, will make it completely transparent).

    Hope this helps!
  • "but would be great to select the size of the icon"

    +1 , Please adapt it to small icons, thx.
  • Very nice. Is it possible to replace the firefox icon by another ?
  • It would be great if you change
    #appmenu-button {
    margin-bottom: 4px;
    #appmenu-button {
    margin-bottom: 1px;
    After that tabs can be chosen by top click
  • Very cool, but would be great to select the size of the icon and possibly the background (colorize or transparent).
  • Unlike those who think it's too big I love the way it works. I like having that little bit of space between the top of the tab and the top of the screen. Please don't change it, or if you do, make both versions available. Thanks for your work.
  • A sad fail. Just as other users said, the icon is too large and pushes the tabs down a pixel or two so that you can no longer move the mouse to the top edge of the screen to select them. Just shows that something can be so close yet so far. Developer really should have looked into this, not hard to fix. :(
  • As mentioned by Evertonian, the menu icon is too tall. This means if you have FF maximised and you push your mouse right to the top of the window, it does not automatically hit a tab like it should - you have to adjust down by a few pixels. For that reason alone, I shall not be using it for now.

    Otherwise, great plugin; though it's frankly unbelievable that it's even required. Iconising the menu should be a standard option in the Firefox build.
  • Does what it suppose to do. Been using it for the betas and now RC1 for FFox 4. Notice the icon is overlapping the first tab.
  • Works fine on FF 4 beta 12, but it would be nice if you could make it a little smaller vertically, because it's a bit higher than the original button.
  • Installed today on FF Beta 4 12 and it doesn't work at all. Tried disabling and re-enabling, nothing. No difference. Complete waste of time!
  • Le logo Firefox se superpose avec sur les onglets épinglés ! De toute façon c'est moins beau et moins pratique
  • Great add-on now I don't have to look at that ugly bright orange button anymore. I'm using FF4b12 pre and it woks fine.