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Versie 117.9 kB Werkt met Firefox 12.0 en hoger

Introduced the MostMice report, which is a local table made up of all the mice caught from different hunters' profiles, if you opt to use it, it's accessible by clicking the HornTracker icon in the taskbar, and selecting "Open MostMice Report"

Introduced Trap Effectiveness Meter submission from viewing the adversaries.php page, a specific mouse, or hunt submissions.

Tackled the "HornTracker will not work on this window" bug from a different angle, and I'm fairly certain this will no longer be an issue moving forward.

Introduced cheese effect UI modification to show stale rate as opposed to the trap freshness setting.

Versie 96.9 kB Werkt met Firefox 12.0 en hoger

Renamed toolbar-small.PNG to toolbar-small.png.

Versie 97.2 kB Werkt met Firefox 12.0 en hoger

Addition of notification time configuration modification.
Resolution for duplicate hunt issue.
More updates to be aligned with Mozilla requirements for full recommendation, including custom toolbar icon fixes.

Versie 132.2 kB Werkt met Firefox 12.0 en hoger

Another potential fix for multiple submission bug.

Versie 134.4 kB Werkt met Firefox 12.0 en hoger

Final resolution of options not saving after being modified, or options being ignored after being set.
Possible fix for multiple submissions per hunt.

Versie 134.3 kB Werkt met Firefox 12.0 en hoger

Modified all DOM insertions to use either jQuery's .text() and .append() methods (no .html()), or used standard DOM element creation via appendChild(), createElement() and createTextNode.