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  • Im really really really disappointed!! I installed this add on hoping I would get scores from matches all across the globe including the English counties.

    However to my disappointment, it did not even feature a live ODI match between England and Sri Lanka!! Whereas it has scores of all matches featuring India including some matches that was played 16 days ago!!

    I was expecting something like the "FootieFox" addon where i can chose the countries and counties im interested in. But to my disappointment all I got scores was of India realated matches!

    May work for the fans of Indian cricket but certainly not for ones who care less about Indian Cricket!!
  • Excellent idea. Exactly what I wanted. A toast to all cricket fans around the world!! (Let Sachin make his 100th 100 today)
  • Doesn't appear to be picking up the England/Australia scores for the Ashes at the moment?
  • Beats working! you can get the latest scores while you work,
  • This is exactly what I was looking for to check scores from my office. This goes through the firewall and really a great asset.
  • Hmmmm. 5 STARS!
  • This is a really good addon for firefox. I have one suggestion though: maybe in future versions, you could add a milestone counter, like a popup when a certain player hit 100 runs or something like that. Just a though. Great addon though!
  • Nice addon though it lacks feature. I was very much convinced at least we have something for cricket update right on the status bar. I will have to give 5 Stars not for the addon but for efforts of the developer.
  • Hiiii its really awesome........very helpful.....
  • Its really useful....popups even in the screensaver..I love that feature....thanks for the adddon Jitto..!
  • Finally, i got the one i was looking for. A cricketing addon with a striking balance of UI design and performance. Jitto, keep up the good work !!
  • Excellent Work!!!
    What you have done right now is the greatest thing. It can now co-exist with Scorewatch and will not disrupt the functioning of Scorewatch. Great work, Jitto!!!

  • This is a wonderful stuff...!!! i have seen many addon but none such useful for me... as it helps in keeping me the scores updated while in work.
    The feature which is most appealing is not just score but the wicket popup.i would strongly recomend this for all cricket lovers...
  • Very useful addon, with commendable features and the UI blends well with firefox.
  • Guess what, I was looking for the same kind of utility for long.Now I am getting live updates while I am working, and without anybody's concern.
  • I would like to appreciate you for your excellent attitude towards work. Keep up the good work. And get rewarded yet again!!"
  • Congrats to develop such a tool...
    It became easy now to check the score without even opening any window in the browser
  • looks good, still to use
  • I was looking for an application to know the cricket scores in between my work.

    Thanks much for building such a good application.Looking forward to better future versions.
  • Great Work !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wow...Great work. Really an impressive one that all the cricket lovers could follow. Thanks for developing such a good application.
  • This add on is a great help for us to keep updated with the live scores. Wicket alerts are awesome. Expecting more useful features from Hit Wicket in the future.Keep up the good work..All the best...
  • This Hit Wicket looks great.It gives an alert whenever a wicket falls. It also sounds good.
  • It is great to know that u frequently updates ur addon. This makes me compelling to use ur addon.
  • Great Work!! This add-on keeps me live in the game while at work. Expect future release with preferences options setting for other alerts like 6’s, 4’s etc.. Thanks for the wonderful add-on and very all the best !!