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  • Tried to use a script multiple times with no success. Installed, reinstalled, made sure javascript is enabled. Under EDIT I added each site. No luck..It is a script for Disqus that is supposed to make clicking on (show all replies) open all of them.

    This is the script :
    // ==UserScript==
    // @name Disqus Expand Replies Firefox 0.4
    // @version 0.4
    // @description Expand all 'Show more replies' links when one clicked
    // @author Nerf
    // @match https://disqus.com/embed/comments/*
    // @run-at document-start
    // ==/UserScript==

    window.addEventListener('mousedown', function(event) {
    if (event.target.className.indexOf('show-children')>-1) {
    var ar = document.querySelectorAll('a.show-children:not(.expanded)');
    for (var a of ar) {
    a.className += " expanded";

    OK I tried with another script change app and it's probably nothing wrong with Greasemonkey just a script that doesn't work- but since it was the only reason I needed it I uninstalled both apps.
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